'Dying to Be Me' Inspiration

On Tuesday I shared some of my favorite quotes from Anita Moorjani’s ‘Dying to be ME’ book. Today you get some more inspiration quotes from this wonderful book and click on the image to watch an interview with Anita. →

Dying To Be ME

Have you ever read books that give you a strange feeling that the author is writing from your own memories?

happy body manifesto

Happy Body Manifesto

What does a dialogue between you and your body look like on a daily basis? Be honest. Think about it for a second.

Where Yoga Really Started

It seems, lately, that everyone is into yoga! Celebrities including Madonna, Sting, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and even Colin Farrell – are doing yoga.


Find Your Body, Lose Your Mind

As some of you might know, Anne is one of my good friends and a participant of a 40 Day Journey to Bliss. Anne is a writer at heart and wrote her first hugely successful piece Discovering The Essence of Yoga on Spinach and Yoga a few weeks ago. The article got almost 200 likes! Thank you for commenting and ‘liking’!

Women: If You Are Looking For Affordable Wellness Coaching

Some of you know that recently I started my journey to become a wellness consultant with Wellcoaches and recently successfully passed my exams! The idea behind getting this certification was to get necessary tools and to practice my coaching skills to help those who are looking to create a better state of wellness. These tools include vision creation, goal setting, creating strategies, and overcoming barriers on the way to holistic (whole) wellness. Since the definition of wellness is different for everyone, this program focused on providing us with tools to create customized personal programs where the client takes the reigns and guides the process.

Learning to Let Go and Finding the Inner Child

Today is the last round of posts on India trip 2012. I shared my 6 Life-Changing Lessons from India a couple of weeks ago and then Irina, Gillian, Natalya, Tanya wrote about their incredible experiences yesterday. Today Katerina contemplates on her lessons learned from our unforgettable adventure. Smiles and Letting Go big time!