Where Yoga Really Started

You Have a Secret Yoga Master Living In Your House!

It seems, lately, that everyone is into yoga! Celebrities including Madonna, Sting, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and even Colin Farrell – are doing yoga.

You might have already heard that yoga can make you into a more tuned-in, calmer, happier human being. It is an amazing ancient technique that comes very handy in our stressful modern times.

But have you ever wondered where yogis learned yoga to begin with? Who taught them in the first place?

I have a theory that I want to share with you and it might change your perception of yoga.

Ancient yogis were very wise. They learned from the best. Surprisingly, if you are a pet owner, you have access to those teachers, too!

The best yoga teachers are not the ones who can twist themselves into a pretzel. True yogis are people who are comfortable and healthy in their body, whose movement is graceful and comes with ease. They are also happy, at peace, and relaxed.

Look around, pay attention to the most peaceful and happy creature in your house. Most likely it is your pet! Have you ever noticed how happy and peaceful dogs and cats seem to be, compared to most people? Of course they have fewer responsibilities than we do, but even in the most challenging situations, pets don’t seem to give in to stress as much as we do.

A healthy puppy is a perfect example of a content, compassionate, loving creature. While we do teach our dogs to bring a ball and bark on command, we actually have quite a few things to learn from them, too! They can teach us how to slow down in the most hectic moments, how to reduce anxiety, and feel less stressed on a daily basis.

Here what we can learn from the pets to lead a healthier happier life:

  • Stretch. First thing in the morning cats and dogs stretch and you should, too. Five minutes of yummy gentle stretching can go a long way in keeping joints flexible, muscles supple, and the movement a lot easier
  • Poop before you eat. Sorry to be so direct but unless your follow this simple rule you are packing up some serious toxins in your body. Digestion is a cornerstone of health. Sip a glass of warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up and sit quietly for 5 minutes observing your breath. Focus on letting your belly expand with every inhale and press it into your spine with an exhale. This simple exercise will increase blood circulation to the digestive and elimination systems and stimulate a healthy morning bowel movement.
  • Keep your meals simple. The simpler the meal, the easier it is on your body. Whole foods are full of nutrients and are easier to digest. You wouldn’t feed your dog chocolate and cookies everyday, would you?
  • Eat when hungry, don’t eat when sick. Most animals follow this simple rule to provide energy for their body to deal with disease. Digestion, surprisingly, takes up a lot of energy resources that your body might need to recruit when trying to fight an infection. If fasting sounds too intense, then try keeping your food really light when you are sick. Stick to warm soups, soft grains, and steamed veggies. Your body will recover a lot faster and you will need fewer pills!
  • Relax. Very few of us are as good at kicking back and relaxing as our pets. Relaxing is necessary to restore and recharge your nervous system. Relax along with your pet!
  • Play. Yes, you do need to play and move to be happy and healthy. Endorphins or happiness hormones are released during cardio and intense stretching. If a treadmill doesn’t sound too attractive, go for a fast walk with your pet. It’ll keep both of you in shape and happy.
  • Share the love. Your dog happily jumps at you, licks you, looks at you like you carry the key to the universal happiness every time she sees you, even if you were gone for just 5 minutes. Doesn’t it make you happy? For me ruby’s show of love makes me want to hug and kiss her back. It gives me a boost of new energy. Same thing works with people. I am not saying that the next time you see your friend you should start licking them from head to toe but an extra smile and an honest compliment will certainly be appreciated. Smiles have an amazing effect even on strangers!
  • Say ‘hi’ to a stranger. Dogs love to meet people and say hi to strangers. Can you imagine how many great people you would meet?
  • Be happy ‘just because’. Dogs are happy to see you no matter what. They are grateful for every bit of food that you give them and for every time you pat them. Being grateful for what you have instead of focusing on things that you don’t have is scientifically proven to be the fastest way to happiness. It doesn’t mean that you don’t set goals that you want to achieve. It means that you are moving towards those those but appreciate what you presently have, too.

Have you learned anything from your pet?

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