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Healthy & tasty recipes, interesting and thought-provoking articles, inspirational videos and fun workout ideas. I will share at least one of each every Saturday!


1. ‘Coffee: The great energy sapper.’ – You got to read this even if you are not planning to quit coffee any time soon. Knowledge is power. You need to know what you put in your body and how it effects you.

Caffeine does not provide energy — only chemical stimulation. The perceived energy comes from the body’s struggle to adapt to increased blood levels of stress hormones… Using coffee for mood-enhancement is a short-term blessing and a long-term curse. While the initial adrenal stimulation may provide a transient anti-fatigue ‘lift,’ caffeine’s ultimate mood effect is a letdown, either subtle or profound. Advertisers and coffee ‘institutes’ have kept this side of caffeine from public view…
“While caffeine users may feel more alert, the experience is simply one of increased sensory and motor activity (dilated pupils, increased heart rate, and higher blood pressure). The quality of thought and recall is improved no more than the quality of music is improved when played at a higher volume or speed.”

2. How to go from FEAR to FREEDOM, one step at a time – a great post at Zen Habits


Oh She Glows: Banana Split Bites

1. Let’s start with a yummy dessert! Who said that you need to wait until the end of the meal for sweets?! According to Ayurveda sweets should go first. Angela from Oh She Glows posted an amazing recipe this week: simple, elegant and delicious! May I present to you Mess Free Banana Split Bites‘.

2. Gena at Choosing Raw shared a great Spring recipe with sprouts that she got at Union Square Farmer’s Market. Even though quite pricey those sprouts are amazing for nutrients! Try this Sprout Salad with Smoky Guacamole

Watch: If you ever wonder why some people are optimists no matter what and others are unhappy most of the time, watch this video with Dan Gilbert on TED – Why Are We Happy?

Listen: If you mind is rambling nonstop and meditation seems off the limits, listen to this guided meditation to silent your mind.

Workout: Booty and Leg workout with Eat Spin Run and a fun dancing workout for your waist with Tiffany Rothe. After shaking your booty, finish up with this Energizing Yoga flow

What did you find interesting or thought-provoking this week?

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