Dying To Be ME

Book Review

Have you ever read books that give you a strange feeling that the author is writing from your own memories?

Every sentence feels like something that came from your own distant memory. Every idea rings the bell. You know that it is true, right, and real. The author reminds you about the wisdom that you already had but forgot.

I love books like this!

Recently, a friend on fb mentioned a book Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani and I got it out of curiosity. After having read it and thought about it, I am very grateful that it came along! If you need some inspiration, get it!

The book has tons of rave reviews on Amazon and Anita has a few videos on Youtube. She is also one of keynote speakers at the upcoming I Can Do It! INGNITE conference in NYC Nov 3-4.

The book is full of knowledge and revelations! I highly recommend it!

For now, I will share some of my favorite quotes from the book in 2 parts (one today and another one later this week. It is best to take the wisdom in slowly so you don’t overload your mental digestion 🙂 )

All illnesses are just symptoms of imbalance. No illness can remain when your entire system is in balance (about ayurvedic healer on cancer)

I owed it to myself, to everyone I met, and to life itself to always be an expression of my own unique self. Trying to be anything or anyone else didn’t make me better – it just deprived me of my true self.

Everyone is so caught up with doing that they (we) all forgotten how to just be in the moment.

I understood that true joy and happiness could only be found by loving myself, going inward, following my heart, and doing what brought me joy. I discovered that when my life seems directionless and I feel lost, what it really means is that I’ve lost my sense of self. I m not connected with who I truly am and what I’ve come here to be. This has tended to happen when I stop listening to my own internal voice and give my power away to external sources, such as tv commercials, newspaper, big drug companies, my peers, cultural and societal beliefs, and the like.

If things seemed challenging, instead of trying to change them physically, I began checking in with my internal world. If I’m stressed, anxious, unhappy, I go inward and tend to that first. I sit with myself, walk in nature, or listen to music until I get to a centered place. I noticed that when I do so, my external world also changes, and many of the obstacles just fall away without my actually doing anything.

Our feelings are actually what drive our physical reality.

The universe only gives me what I’m ready for, and only when I am ready. I allow how much of what I want to come into my life.. Or not!

When I realize my place at the heart of the universe and feel my magnificence and my connection to all is – time and distance become irrelevant

We already are what we spend our lives trying to attain, but we just don’t realize it! The world seems to erode it when we grow up.

When I was willing to let go of what I wanted, I received what was truly mine. I’ve realized that the latter is always the greater gift.

I’m at my most powerful when I am working with life rather than against it.

Have you read any inspiring books lately?

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