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  • Effective Tips For Weightloss

    Get access to the knowledge packed 120 minute video class with 4 Ayurveda and weight loss experts.

    You will learn how to prevent sugar craving, balance blood sugar, what herbs to use, and what foods to favor to lose weight before the bikini season

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  • Get Your Flat Stomach Back, Eliminate Bloating!

    Eliminate Bloating, get regular, and have more energy with a delicious meal plan, healing recipes for the gut, safe brands that are free of allergens and chemicals, mp3 downloads of meditations to reduce stress, and a food shopping list!

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  • Meditations To Reduce Stress and Heal Your Body

    Bring your nervous system into a calm, anxiety free state so it can heal and recover.

    Calm state of being is necessary to increase awareness of hunger, create a better relationship with the body and eliminate cravings.

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  • How To Make Healthy Meals Quickly!

    60 Min video class where I share 5 of my favorite go to meal formulas that allow for unlimited variation in flavor.

    All of them are easy to digest, will help to balance blood sugar and lose weight if necessary, while naturally detoxifying your body.

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