Happy Body Manifesto

What does a dialogue between you and your body look like on a daily basis? Be honest. Think about it for a second.

Often we talk to ourselves with so much criticism and hatred that it would not be appropriate to say it out loud. We talk to our life-long partner, our body, worse than we would talk to our enemy or a thief who tries to pull your purse away.

We can be nasty to ourselves and no one can tell us that it is inappropriate because it all happens inside.

Do you think a negative dialogue ever creates a happy relationship? I haven’t seen one!

Inspired by Melissa’s LOVE LETTER to the body, I created a HAPPY BODY MANIFESTO. I am reading it to myself every morning. It is a good reminder and an inspiration.

Try it out and let me know what you think! Feel free to add more things that you would like to say to your body. Share your vows in the comment section.

happy body manifesto

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