Women: If You Are Looking For Affordable Wellness Coaching

Type A, Over-Achiever, Busy Mom, or Gymaholic? – I Have Something For you!

Some of you know that recently I started my journey to become a wellness consultant with Wellcoaches and recently successfully passed my exams! The idea behind getting this certification was to get necessary tools and to practice my coaching skills to help those who are looking to create a better state of wellness. These tools include vision creation, goal setting, creating strategies, and overcoming barriers on the way to holistic (whole) wellness. Since the definition of wellness is different for everyone, this program focused on providing us with tools to create customized personal programs where the client takes the reigns and guides the process.

While working on the certification, I got a clear picture of how and where I want to use my new coaching skills, combined with yoga, psychology, and my personal health and PCOS experience. Dear girls, I want to focus on your health and wellness:) Specifically, over-achievers, type A’s who tend to push through body’s signals asking for rest, who knows no time-off, who feels tired, stressed out from ‘work till you drop’ attitude but can’t ask for help. You are your worst critic. Your to-do list is endless. You are working on multiple projects at once, while taking care of your family, making time for intense workouts, hosting dinner parties, and taking self-development courses. You also find time to help your friends and co-workers, to support your siblings, and to make breakfast for your boyfriend or husband. I know exactly how you feel and I want to help you to slow down and learn how to rest and rejuvenate in a very efficient manner.

Here are a few reasons why YOU are my focus:

If that's how you feel, join me for a Wellness Reboot!

  • I am one of you and I understand how you feel
  • I pushed my body past its limit and learned the hard way how to let it rest and re-balance
  • I know that you get tired and burnt out just like everyone else but don’t want to recognize it
  • I know that our bodies also need support and compassion but it is harder for us to make ourselves a priority
  • We think we can push through things but in reality there is an easier and a happier way
  • There is a way to keep doing what you need and what you want but at the same time feel balanced, grounded, and inspired !

By over-achivers I don’t mean only those of use who spent 80 hours a week at the office. We all have different fields of over-achieving. Whether it is being a perfect mom and a wife, a successful worker, an obsessive ‘gymaholic’ or a straight A student, anything can lead to a burnout. It all depends on the attitude, effort, and ways we handle stress. Someone can get an anxiety attack from being late to an appointment while another woman can work at an all-male hedge fund company during an economy crisis and not blink an eye. We are all different and yoga and ayurveda have taught me to respect that.

My goal is to keep learn everything I can about women’s body and psychology, the way we work, what gives us the most rest, what balances our hormones, and what makes us happy. There are a lot of components to the puzzle that’s why I chose to focus. Since childhood I read in the books of Pushkin and Molière that it is better to master one topic than to be familiar with many subjects on the surface.

So far I learned many interesting things that I can use while working with women who need help in restoring their body and quieting the mind.

  • Special needs of women’s body in yoga
  • Meditation for women
  • Positive Imagery and Visualization techniques
  • Weight loss strategies for women’s body that create balance not depletion
  • Hormone-balancing foods and practices (Specifically adrenal fatigue, pcos, menopause)
  • Coaching strategies for creating an effective wellness plan and achieving the goals

Join Me For A Spring Wellness Reboot

I will be sharing everything I know about wellness and health during an upcoming 6 week program – 40 Day Journey to Bliss The goal of this program, created by two women (May and me) is to help other young women. We are like you. We share the same problems and issues in life. We can understand each other and learn from each other.

My Indian teacher said that it is a sin not to share the knowledge that you have. After successfully resolving my PCOS and digestive issues, finding so much inspiration and happiness in my life, I can’t wait to share all the instruments that helped me along the way. I truly believe that these 40 days will be transformational for you if you decide to join in.

We will TALK and SHARE.


We will work in groups and I will work with you ONE on ONE.

There will be lots of resources, worksheets, inspirational and educational articles and even a super sexy boudoir photoshoot with infamous Katerina.


You will create lasting friendships and meet like-minded souls!

However, any change takes commitment and time. I can’t change you and no one else can. You can do it, though. Only you. May and I will be there to encourage, help, support, listen, brainstorm, and push when needed. Let us help you!

The 40 Day Journey to Bliss program is limited to 15 people because we want to make sure that everyone gets plenty of attention.

We will be holding a Free Info Session on Mon, Apr 30th at 6-7pm. Vegan treats and herbal tea will be served.

For details about the program, read here or email nadyaand @ gmail dot com

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If you are would like some help getting started on your health and wellness journey, take a look at how I can help you. It is easier when you are not alone!

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