Detox, Spirituality, and Connecting to the Primal Elements with Dr Deanna Minich - Interview

Today I want to introduce you to a very special person who helped me shift from a restrictive frame of mind to a soft, feminine, and colorful. Please meet Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist. She has more than 20 years of diverse, well-rounded experience in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine, including clinical practice, research, product formulation, writing, and education. She has authored five books on health and wellness and over fifteen scientific publications. Currently, she is Faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine and the University of Western States. She has developed an online certification program for health professionals so that they can apply the color-coded 7 Systems of Full-Spectrum Health in their practice. Her lectures are heard by patients and practitioners throughout the world. Dr. Minich’s passion is teaching a whole-self approach to nourishment and bridging the gaps between science, spirituality, and art in medicine.

I love Deanna’s approach to food and nutrition. As women we crave more beauty and ease. With approaches that are very structured, scientific, revolve around counting calories, nutrients, vitamins, we lose our fluidity and often resist the masculine approach. Deanna’s approach is very feminine and I believe it accomplishes just as much as I’d not more than a very structured eating plan.
In the interview that we did you will be introduced to the beautiful and useful ideas of using colors to get all the necessary nutrients and also eating for various energy centers in the body.

One of the most profound things we discuss is our relationship to WATER element. For women it is essential as it symbolizes intuition, fluidity, fertility, purity, strength that is soft and fluid, abundance, and flow. Plus we discuss lots of other cool ideas!

If you want to experience Deanna’s Whole Detox program that focuses on the 7 Systems of Health here is more info:


When we detoxify, there is much more to it than simply drinking green juices and feeling hungry. There is another way that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Some people have done many food detoxes, but they haven’t connected their food with the larger picture of their lifestyle: their emotions, thoughts, relationships, and how they move, speak, and connect in the world. Dr Deanna Minich looks through the larger lens to make the detox experience personalized so you can feel optimal and healthy in every way!


Whole Detox offers a colorful, do-able plan to uncover all the obstacles that prevent you from thriving. Using Dr. Minich’s integrative 21-day program, you can remove toxins, repair existing health issues, boost energy, improve relationships, and find purpose and passion. The recipes incorporate colorful, whole foods rich in phytonutrients. Unlike most detox programs, we don’t just emphasize what you need to remove and avoid, but make sure you bring in the foods that help you thrive and be nourished!In addition to food, you will examine other toxic barriers – stuck emotions, unsupportive relationships, negative thoughts, lack of movement and flow, inability to speak one’s truth, poor sleep and brain fog, and feeling disconnected and depressed.

The next Whole Detox program is October 1 to 28! To register, please visit this link

The basis of Whole Detox is the 7 Systems of Health: ROOTFLOWFIRELOVETRUTHINSIGHT, and SPIRIT. Each system corresponds to a different part of the body, and is represented by a different color. If one of your systems is out of balance, it is likely having a negative effect on certain parts of your life.  The next 21-day Whole Detox program runs from October 1 to 28. This is going to be an extra-special program because it’s not only an whole-self detox experience, but it will be centered around food and how you can harness the power of leafy greens, vibrant fruits, and grounding grains to transform your body, mind, and spirit.

Or you can watch Deanna’s 3-part video series where Deanna Minich, Ph.D., reveals her tried-and-true methods for detoxing without deprivation. Truly, her methods will change the way you view detox!

Click here to watch it for free

Fall is coming and if you do decide to do a seasonal detox, let it be fun, feminine, and nourishing on all levels! Honor what you as a woman truly need!



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