My Trip to Russia in Bright Pictures

A Lesson In Letting Go Of Expectations

Yesterday I got home after a 2 week vacation in Russia. It was my annual visit to see my family.

I love spending time with my parents, sisters, and grandmothers so much that even a 10 hour flight and a 12 hour time difference feel easy. While traveling I try to be very flexible and it helps to make travel less stressful.

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the regular routine and favorite healthy foods (and green juices) but I think that stressing about it is even worse. So I just choose to believe that my body is super adaptable and will extract the best out of what’s available and that things will always work out.

And they do!

Here are just a few examples of what I let go of mentally during my vacation and what I got instead in pictures:

  • I let go of my regular green juice in the morning but got beautiful home-grown kale instead. Thank you, Mom!

Kale and me

  • I let go of my regular healthy dishes that I make at home and superfoods (hemp seeds, seaweed, sprouted mung beans) and experimented with local healthy delicacies: fresh grilled goat cheese, grilled garden squashes, and salads with my mom’s kale and lettuces.

Kale salad

fresh grilled goat cheese with herbs and red peppers

fire-roasted veggies with fresh garlic (real fire!)

  • I let go of my daily workout routine and instead went running outside with my dad, walked a lot, played acroyoga with my sisters, did a few youtube videos, and even rented Kangoo jumps in Moscow.

We found a huge trampoline in Moscow. It was soooo much fun!

random acro yoga in the park

This was our local transportation

Kangoo jumps in action! They are awesome! I think I want to get a pair for NYC walks!

  • I let go of facebook, email, and keeping up with my favorite blogs and websites. Instead I spent quality time with my family and myself. I might’ve missed a few great articles and made some people wait more than the regular 24 hours with emails but I felt more inspired, connected to my core, and alive!

Spending time with my sisters. I already miss them!

My baby nephew. He is so cute and smart!

How do you feel when you travel? Are you able to let go of the routine and enjoy things that are available? Please share in the comments!

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