India Trip 2011 Report

If you’ve been following the Real Yoga NYC blog, then you know that I just spent 2 weeks in Kerala, India. It was a dream come true yoga and ayurveda retreat that I organized for a small group of my friends and students. As all wonderful things the trip  had to come to an end and 5 days ago I came back to NYC. It feels good to be home with people I love and to be back to teaching my regular classes at Strala and Viva Vinyasa! Come visit me there!

Back to the report… This trip was my first attempt to organize an adventure-filled yoga retreat to India and it came out a lot better than anyone expected! I can’t wait to share all the wonderful memories and pictures from this trip with you! Below is a photo diary of the entire 2 weeks in Kerala. Enjoy! And really hope that you can join me next February for the India Exploration Tour 2. It is in the works!

On March 24th we safely landed in Kochi, Kerala and checked in to our boutique colonial hotel. Our adventure started the next day…

This trip will stay with all of us as a very fun exploration of a new country and ourselves. For me it was a great training in planning and organizing and I can’t wait for more adventures soon!

Next year trip is in active planning, stay tuned by signing up for Real Yoga NYC updates at the top right corner!

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