India Trip 2011 Report

If you’ve been following the Real Yoga NYC blog, then you know that I just spent 2 weeks in Kerala, India. It was a dream come true yoga and ayurveda retreat that I organized for a small group of my friends and students. As all wonderful things the trip  had to come to an end and 5 days ago I came back to NYC. It feels good to be home with people I love and to be back to teaching my regular classes at Strala and Viva Vinyasa! Come visit me there!

India - One Of A Kind

8 years ago, I traveled to India from Russia. Landing in Delhi late at night, my dad and I were devoured by a group of airport taxi drivers, fighting to get out attention, grabbing us by our hands.

2 Spots Left For The Trip Of a Lifetime To India

8 lucky yogis are already packing their bags to travel to India on March 22nd and we are looking for 2 more fun-loving yogis! I’ve been to India twice before and every time it was a very profound experience. It shifted my perception of the world not only yoga! Is it scary to go to an unknown part of the world that is famous for giving tourists stomach problems and where poverty can be eye burning? Well, inversions are scary in the beginning, too! But once you get the courage to jump into a handstand it often becomes a favorite asana that you can’t get enough of. The same thing happens in India. First 3 days will be full of awe and excitement that grow into a deep cultural interest, respect, and love. That’s why I keep coming back and that’s why I would like you to come experience it for yourself.

Yoga and Ayurveda Vacation to India

Finally, a dream come true vacation for any yogi – a perfect present for yourself for the New Year, and the best value-for-money investment in self-development!!! – A Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat to Kerala, India.