4 Ways To Beat Your Biological Clock

Do you ever feel like it is too late to get healthy and start a new exercise routine? That your

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body is not cooperating with you anymore and you will never be able to lose weight? Or maybe you know someone who uses their age as an excuse to give up on their health?

We are all scared, at least to some degree, to get older. We are afraid to lose our young energy, our young body, and may think that life is not as bright around the corner. It is undeniable that time has an immense power over our body and mind but it is also true that we have the power to significantly slow all the aging processes down. We can keep our body fit and healthy and enjoy life no matter the age. It is a matter of belief and willpower. I am not expecting you to take my word for it, I have a very inspiring example to share!

Gerry is an amazing person, one of my first students in NYC, and a good friend. He is also a person who repeatedly convinced me that our age is a relative concept. Gerry is almost 60, looks like he is 45 and feels like his is 25! He has more energy and strength than most 20 year olds and never stops to push his limits! There are very few things that Gerry would consider impossible especially when it comes to health and fitness. Starting yoga at 58 and doing it 3 times a week, bench pressing double his weight (340lbs), and even adding chia seeds to his chocolate croissant rich diet 🙂 have all made his list. The amazing thing is the fact that it was not always like this. Being fit and healthy is a new undertaking for Gerry.

Very few of us have the willpower to adopt new health habits in the 2nd half of our life and a very small percentage of those stick with it! Gerry is one of the very few who refused to follow the age rule and instead set to prove this rule wrong!

Gerry is a perfect example of the relativity of age. He proved that you can get fit whenever you want, it is a matter of intention. It is never too late to reverse the age and start taking care of our ingeniously built body. Don’t ever create a mental block or say I can’t because it’s too late.  Now is just the right time, whatever your age is!

Do you want to get healthy and get your young body and energy back? Follow this few tips that Gerry uses to stay in shape:

Surround yourself with young hearts. Gerry surrounds himself with people who are strong and healthy. Gerry works out with a young fitness trainer, who challenges him every day and I am his proud yoga instructor! Young energy rubs off as does the old one also! Who do you surround yourself with?
Don’t be afraid to be a student. Gerry keeps an open mind. Quite often people think that they are done studying and developing after the official school is over. In reality there is never an end to studying. If you stay still while the whole world is moving forward, you stay behind. It is true for any field of life: from health research to philosophy. Gerry reads a lot and is eager to discuss new ideas. He has a lot to offer from his life experience but he is always willing to learn, too. One if his favorite recent books was ‘The Power Of Now‘ by Eckhart Tolle and ‘Light on Life‘ by B. K. S. Iyengar. Have you read any thought-provoking books recently?
Move a little bit every day. Choose the activity that you like and stick with it. Yoga, weights, and cardio are a part of Gerry’s daily life. There is nothing more precious than health. You need to be healthy to enjoy life. Make no excuses to stay lazy. Being 45 is not an excuse to turn your back on your health and looks! It is not the time to look for excuses to let yourself go and feel miserable. As one teacher said: ‘You need to meditate daily for half an hour, if you don’t have time, you need to meditate twice a day!’ This saying is true for any self-improvement method, including yoga, running, push ups, or whatever you choose to do!
Smile or better laugh a lot. Gerry jokes and laughs all the time. We all know that laughing prolongs life, produces happiness hormones, and turns any situation better. Did you know that laughing also burns calories, creates stronger and flatter abs, and provides a workout for all the facial muscles? Look for funny happy things around you and you will laugh more often which in turn will make you a lot happier person. Focus on the positive!

Stay inspired and enjoy your life at any age!

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