Wisdom Lessons From India

You probably heard people say that getting away from your regular routine and spending some time away gives a new perspective on things. Well, it is true! I just got back from 2 weeks of paradise in Kerala, India and I learned a few new things, too!

Here is what traveling in the other part of the world taught me:

  • Internet is like sugar: the less you use it, the less you want it. At home I spent a big chunk of my day replying to emails, unnecessarily checking facebook, and reading through various yoga and health posts. Usually it gives me a sense of doing something useful and even indispensable. In reality this time can be cut down by 80% without any significant side effects. I felt very calm and happy checking my email once every 2 days and without catching up on New York yoga gossip. Are you brave enough to go on the INTERNET DIET? If you limit your time online you might see a surge in productivity and get a few free hours a day. How much time do you spend on facebook? What can you do instead that would be more productive and possibly more fun?
  • Fruits can be a wholesome meal on their own, especially in the summer. You won’t start experiencing protein deficiency syndrome if you have grapes for dinner instead of a steak. It will actually make you feel light and full of energy the next day. If you don’t feel hungry, don’t push food on yourself just because it is time to eat. Take a food break instead!
  • Sitting is more tiring than standing, and standing is more tiring than walking. Walking is refreshing! A day of sitting in a car driving from one temple to the next was a little tiring at times. Standing and bargaining at souvenir shops was exhausting at times, too! Walking along the beach or along the busy noisy Indian street was always a very welcome change. It left me refreshed and gave me new energy. If you start falling asleep at your desk after lunchtime try taking a short walk around the block or up the stair before loading up on coffee.

There were also a few interesting things that I learned about India:

  • Average age expectancy in Kerala is 78! Quite high for a 3rd world country with poor hygiene, lack of clean drinking
    water, and just a $145 average monthly wage (according to HayGroup)
  • Average daily wage in the richest Indian state is 200-500 rps which is $4-12
  • The use of plastic bags in Kerala stores is illegal! Talk about being green
  • Hindu religion has a total of 330 mil gods! Hindus believe everything is god and contains the divine energy of god so everything is worthy of worship.
  • It is illegal to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India.
  • A skillful Kathakali dancer can portray emotions using just eyes. The dance is unique in that, the actors rely on minute changes in facial expression and a series of hand gestures to express their character’s actions and emotions. Kathakali training is intense, in that complete mastery must be gained through facial and eye movements, hands and fingers, and with the feet.
  • Until the middle of 19th century it was customary for older women from the royal family in Kerala, India to appear topless in public
  • All of India is under a single time zone.
  • Officially, one supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road in India. In reality, as our tour guide explained, people drive on the shady side without paying attention whether it is right or left.
  • One is supposed to constantly use car’s honk to salute passing cars and people and to show everyone that it works! :)

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Learn something new every day!

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