Philosopher and the wolf on freedom and discipline.

A few days ago, I emailed you an article with my reflection of freedom and discipline in regards to food. This question even though it may seem just philosophical, touches our lives on a daily basis. Do you discipline yourself in regards to food or not? Do you  create boundaries for yourself with alcohol, work, time spent online or can you trust yourself to live without forced boundaries. What about disciplining your children, people who work for you, and even your pets? What is better?

How to Find Food Freedom

What percentage of your day do you spend thinking about food: what to eat, whether it is good or bad for you, feeling guilty about breaking the rules, considering a diet, reading about new approaches to diets….?

How To Get The Best Personalized Health Advice For FREE

There are so many “health experts”, gurus, and celebrity trainers pitching their diet and fitness advice that we as a society should be fit and healthy by now. But for some reason we are not. I think it is partially because most of the health advice is based on personal experiences and while valid for some people doesn’t apply to others.

How to Get Back to Feeling HEALTHY After a Weekend of Behaving BADLY

Last night on the way back from quiet restful weekend in Miami, we were surrounded with barely awake, hangover, sunbunt folks who tried to hide from the bright cabin light and restlessly tried to find the most comfortable position in uncomfortable airplane seat to pass out (probably for the 1st time in 3 days). The victims of a long party weekend! Throbbing headache, foggy mind, uneasy stomach, nausea, fatigue – my compassion goes your way, people!

Superfood Salad Booster

DIY Superfood Salad Booster

Have you seen an old Coffee Crisp commercial with 2 old ladies making jokes while playing cards? My boyfriend recently told me about it and even though it took me a while to get it (my Russian brain used to Russian jokes), I find it very cute and funny now:) Check it out: Old Coffee Crisp Commercial

Poop Big or Go Home!

Usually, only boys discuss poop with each other and make a big deal out of being constipated. Girls are not supposed to get involved into the dirty boys’ talk. Well, I will break this rule for today.


Ayurvedic Spring Detox Smoothie

There are a few blog that I read on a regular basis and a few people in the holistic wellness and ayurveda field that inspire me. Ashley is one of them. Her website is full of ayurvedically-inspired recipes, seasonal detox tips, and effective health strategies. Ashley herself is a picture of health! In today’s guest post, Ashley shares her tips on staying balanced in the Spring and shedding off Winter pounds that some of us might still be dragging along from the holidays. Read and Learn!