How to Find Food Freedom

Are you thinking about food ALL DAY LONG? Let’s free up that energy and time!

What percentage of your day do you spend thinking about food: what to eat, whether it is good or bad for you, feeling guilty about breaking the happybellybookrules, considering a diet, reading about new approaches to diets….?

A lot of women that I work with approximate their ‘food-related thinking time’ to about 80-90% of their day. That’s a huge amount of time and energy that goes into thinking about a simple physiological function. You don’t think anywhere as much about breathing, do you?

Can you imagine how much energy would be freed up if you didn’t feel confused about all the contradictory theories, feeling guilty about not following the rules, shaming yourself for failing yet another diet or program?

Just imagine this for a minute: you mind is calm and clear, your focus is on the project in front of you, your body feels nourished yet light, you can easily decide on the most appropriate meal when it is time to eat without stressing over it. You choose foods that best support your body without feeling restricted and cravings are not controlling your life.

All that freed up energy would go into building the life that you want to live and creating the world that you want to see.

I felt this shift in myself and in many of my clients. Once digestion is balanced, there is a lot more energy and inspiration to step out into the world. Once you understand what your UNIQUE body needs, you can let go of searching the miracle diet because you know that generalization don’t work.

It all comes down to your relationship with your body and food. If your relationship with your body and your food is based on trust, respect, and integrity then things tend to settle into place.

I talk a lot more about it in my book Happy Belly. You will also find effective exercises to improve your mind-body relationship so you can finally let go of the internal struggle and confusion. Learn more about the book here.

To your food freedom!

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