Food Combining 101

Recently, I wrote an article for Mind Body Green on food combining  10 worst food combinations that can wreak havoc on your health. The response was overwhelming with over 2 thousand people liking the article on facebook. If you haven’t read it, please check it out, it’s a fun read!

Dairy Controversy Resolved the Ayurvedic Way

Once considered the perfect food in many traditions, milk was recommended for children, the sick, and those looking for enlightenment. Ayurvedic and ancient yoga scriptures include milk as a staple in a sattvic, energy-giving, diet. Milk is said to nourish all body tissues, to calm the mind, and improve sleep.

How to Avoid Fashion Faux Pas and Poor Food Combinations

Every morning you spend a significant chunk of your time looking in the mirror and putting together an outfit for the day. You take into consideration your appointments, the weather, activity level, and your personal preferences to create a perfect well-suited ensemble.


10 Interesting Facts About Food Combining

Lately, I have been noticing that not everything that I eat makes me feel equally well. The more I pay attention to my stomach before and after food, the more feedback my body provides. While I am still learning to decipher my body’s messages, one finding keeps emerging more often than others: THE SIMPLER THE DISH, THE LESS ENERGY IT REQUIRES TO DIGEST. Which means, I have more energy left to do other things like write, think, teach, do yoga, and just enjoy my life.

Can You Buy Health?

Staying healthy, losing weight, speeding up a recovery process starts with selecting the healthiest and the most nutritious foods at the grocery store! It is easy to eat well when your kitchen is stocked up with easy-to-prepare delicious ingredients.

Power Up Baklava

Since I started working at Pablo Fitness, in midtown east, I also discovered the best Baklava place in the city or maybe even in the world besides Turkey.

WORKSHOP: Rediscovering Health Through Mindful Eating

Are you struggling with losing holiday pounds? Is losing weight and staying healthy on your 2011 resolutions list? Or would you like to enjoy food more without experiencing a sense of guilt after it? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Mindful Eating Workshop is for you!

Post-Holiday Detox Craving

The holidays are over and now we are stuck with post holiday cleaning up, getting back to a routine, working on New Years resolutions, and most likely some degree of sugar withdrawal…