How to Avoid Fashion Faux Pas and Poor Food Combinations

Who Matters More: Your Boss or Your Stomach?

Every morning you spend a significant chunk of your time looking in the mirror and putting together an outfit for the day. You take into consideration your appointments, the weather, activity level, and your personal preferences to create a perfect well-suited ensemble.

Unless you are working in the entertainment industry and looking to compete with Lady Gaga or maybe get a job as a clown, you are not very likely to walk out of the door in red pants, green boots, feather hat, and a polka dot skirt. It might be a great Halloween outfit but probably not something that your boss would appreciate during the investor meeting.

Surprisingly, in our backwards society we care a lot more about upsetting our boss and getting weird glances on the street rather than upsetting our own stomach. Many of us spend more time coordinating pants and shirts than planning a well-balanced nutritious meals. Isn’t it a paradox?!

Food combining is similar to a good fashion sense: a skill, an intuitive understanding of how to mix and match things to create a beautiful well-suited to the occasion ensemble both on the plate and in the wardrobe. Some people are born with this sense and some people have to develop it by learning the underlying rules.

If we don’t learn the basic fashion rules, we might end up on a worst-dressed list. If we don’t learn basic food combining rules our body will start getting sick and tired.

Fortunately, there is one rule that works wonderfully both in fashion and in food combining – SIMPLICITY. Simple never fails. Simple is beautiful. A white t-shirt and blue jeans with a black blazer looks great almost on all occasions. Green veggies and high-protein grains with a home-made dressing is an easy-to-make nutritious dish that would work for any body type.

On the other hand an over-filled buffet type plate is similar to going to the client meeting in a clown outfit (not on a Halloween night) – it might not end well.

A few days ago, I wrote for Mind Body Green on 10 Common Food Combinations that Wreak Havoc on Your Health.

Modern Hippie Mag also has my article of 10 American Breakfast Items and Food Combining.

If you are looking to learn more about food combining, check out How to Eliminate the Need for Digestive Supplements with Proper Food Combining and take a look at some food combination rules that I chose to follow in my daily life.

What do you think of food combining? When was the last time when you planned out your daily menu based on the weather, your activity levels, and schedule?

Have a healthy and a happy weekend!


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