Power Up Baklava

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Since I started working at Pablo Fitness, in midtown east, I also discovered the best Baklava place in the city or maybe even in the world besides Turkey.

Güllüoglu Baklava Cafe is a small Turkish restaurant with a main focus on traditional Turkish sweets especially all kinds of baklava. I tried almost all the varieties that they offer from a syrupy milk and hazelnut baklava to crispy pistachio rolls, walnut, mixed nuts, and sour cherry, you name it! All are to die for.

But this special treat comes pretty expensive both money-wise at $11 to $15 per pound and calorie-wise. For the last year I did my best to walk passed Güllüoglu as to not to be tempted to indulge my sugar cravings too much. Today while researching some recipes for my blog, Google as if by a miracle or a super intelligent advertising algorithm placed a baklava ad on the side of my screen. My healthy focus and an ad for a not so healthy treat created an idea in my head – I needed to recreate baklava and make it a little healthier! All our favorite dishes can be re-created in a healthy way if you add a little creativity. Get a full recipe here

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