The art of making a beautiful poo. Here how to master it!

There are few things that can make you feel better than a satisfactory BM early in the morning. You feel lighter, happier and more energized for the day.afterlight

However, not all poo is equal.

Here are a few signs your poo and your health can be improved:

  • You don’t go to the bathroom in the morning before breakfast
  • You can’t go unless you pour a mug of caffeinated beverage down the drains
  • You go with dry little pellets and it’s not very satisfactory
  • You make an unformed mush with pieces or food and mucous in it
  • Your poo stinks really badly
  • You still feel that there is stuff left inside even after you go
  • It burns, itches, or feels irritated

On the other hand, here are some sings of a good poo:

  • It comes out easy and quickly
  • The smell is not too strong
  • It looks like a nicely formed banana
  • You feel amazing after you do it!

So did you have a nice poo this morning?

When I asked this question during my ted talent speech not many people raised their hands. Most looked guilty and confused. Nope, no poop made.


Unfortunately, we are turning into a constipated nation that spends millions on laxatives each year.

Our diet is to blame, as much as the way we eat food. I spoke quite a bit about it in article on Mind Body Green and my blog. Instead of repeating the reasons behind the spreading epidemic, let’s focus on what we can do to make it better.

  1. Get honest with yourself and figure out which habit is pulling you down the most. I ll start first. For me it is eating too fast if I have too much to do. It is a bad habit that I am still working on correcting. When I eat ton fast my belly reacts even to the healthiest dishes. My solution is to eat mostly liquids when in a rush. Green soups are most frequent choice. What is dragging you down the most?
  2. Focus on easy to digest simple foods. Check out this list of 7 foods that won’t be upsetting your delicate digestion. Stay away from non-food packaged crap, and foods that your body can’t digest. Here are a few recipes that can be a wonderful belly soothing dinner if you want a nice poop in the morning.
  3. This brings us to the most important point: create your internal food map. Your body is unique. Generalizations don’t work. You have to take responsibility for figuring out what your body likes and doesn’t like. Nothing helps with this more than a food diary. I recommend staying with something similar to this. Screen shot 2012-09-04 at 2.07.48 PM
  4. Add herbs that help with absorption and elimination. A list is here
  5. Add teas that prevent bloating and improve regularity. A list is here.
  6. Get Happy Belly: Woman’s Guide To Feeling Vibrant, Light, and Balanced. Happy Belly is all about helping you to have optimal digestive health, great energy, clear mind and a healthy weight — without calorie-counting, diet foods, or restriction. This is not a set of rules, a diet plan or cookbook. Happy Belly is a manual on how to create a loving, healthy relationship with your body through building awareness, understanding, and an open dialogue. This book will help you to finally understand how to approach your food and develop a deeper mind-body connection so you can feel light and vibrant every day. Happy Belly is for you if:
    • You feel confused about what nutrition approach or diet is best to follow.
    • Your stomach gets bloated easily and makes you look pregnant when you are not.
    • You’re afraid of certain foods because of the way they make your stomach feel.
    • You dread going out to new restaurants or traveling because you’re afraid that you won’t find what to eat.
    • You feel that your obsession with food is negatively affecting your relationships.
    • Food is always on your mind, and you would rather spend time thinking about other more creative things.
    • You want to have regular bowel movement every morning without effort or straining.
    • You want to have more energy, feel amazing in your body, and have freedom with food!

    Now it is your turn to take action! Commit to one step and do it today! Tell in the comments what you are planning to do and if there is anything I can help you with!

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