Have Your Diet Questions Answered by a 93 Year Old Nutritionist!

Once in a Lifetime Chance

Hey there Health Explorers,

The field of integrative health, holistic wellness, and optimal diet can be quite challenging to navigate on your own. Many theories are controversial, many statements are just theories without any proof, and many promises are empty. Life is too short to try every single diet and health is too valuable to make mistakes. We are constantly looking for an authority who has an answer, for a book that can give us guidance, for a nutrition plan that can address our needs.

In my search of answers, I found a very interesting website that is full of information on nutrition, health, and relevant research. It was created by Dr Stanley Bass, a 93 year old nutritionist living and STILL WORKING in NYC. What is most surprising about his 70-years worth of research and work is that he is honest about his personal diet and transformation over the years. He tried it all – juice fasting, water fasting, eating once a day, eating in specific sequences, eating raw, vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian diets. He also spent 4 years conducting a nutrition research on mice. Dr Bass put groups of mice on every possible diet he could find and observed its effects over 4 years. He paid for the study himself and had no invested interest in any particular diet. This not some dairy farmers sponsored calcium absorption research! He did it because he wanted to know the truth for himself, for his body, and his patients.

Dr Bass’s understanding of human physiology and his personal experience with various diets gave him an ability to help and heal many people who came to him for advice. From psoriasis to cancer, from IBS to anxiety, from tooth decay to fatigue – he worked with many conditions and wrote about it extensively in his books.

After reading everything on Dr Bass’s website, today I got enough courage to call him and ask for an interview. And he said YES!!!

The interview is this Fri and I need your HELP to come up with smart, interesting, real questions.

What would you like to ask someone who tried it all? What would you like to know about your diet, nutrition, and healing process?

Please comment with your questions below and sign up on the top right corner to make sure that you don’t miss out on the interview!


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