This Woman Went From Street Food To An Ayurvedic Chef: Her Happy Belly Journey

We are continuing our Happy Belly interview series with my favorite wellness experts, chefs, health coaches, and ayurveda experts.

Today I want to introduce you to an ayurvedic chef Nalini Mehta. In this interview we discuss her journey to becoming mindful about her eating tendencies and going from eating street food in India to eating pure food made with love.

Nalini shares wonderful tips on cooking, addressing emotional balance, and why just following calorie restrictions doesn’t work.

We also get into Nalini’s favorite foods that keep her belly happy and foods that aggravate digestion. You will love Nalini’s perspective on ayurveda, eating seasonally, and respecting your unique body constitution. In the interview you will also learn about KISS principle in regards to food and an ancient Indian tale about indigestion.

Watch the interview here:

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