Happy Belly Interview Series

Learning From the Best

I am so excited to share the first two interviews from the Happy Belly interview series where I will be bringing you the best wellness coaches, digestive health specialists, teachers, and chefs! You will learn all about having a flat and a happy belly that fills you with joy, energy, and balance.

In the interviews you will find out what these amazing well-versed in health and nutrition theories people do to keep their belly happy. They will also share what gets their belly unhappy. We will cover food, thoughts, exercise, teas and much more!

How to REALLY be healthy, have a Happy Belly and love your body even through cancer with Christine Egan

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Food and Exercise for a Happy Belly with Kristin McGee

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Ayurvedic Minestrone Recipe This Woman Went From Street Food To An Ayurvedic Chef: Her Happy Belly Journey