I love yoga and my guess is you probably like it, too, if you are reading this :)!

How to Have a Lot of Energy All Day, Every Day

Ever feel like you need another two hours of sleep after your alarm goes off? Or can barely keep your eyes open during a work meeting? Energy is a precious substance. Everyone craves more of it. Supplement companies work hard to satisfy the ever growing demand for energy-increasing powders and pills, while people just seem to keep getting more tired.

An Effective Exercise To Improve Regularity

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to participate in TED Talent Search NYC final talks. It was an amazing night! Lots of inspirational stories, talented people, and unforgettable moments. I wrote about my favorite talks here.

Everything Changes and How Yoga Helps

Today’s article made me blush when I first read it. Anne is very generous with words! She reminds up that everything changes and it is up to us to fight it or to adapt to it. Yoga helps to adapt and to understand. Join Anne as she shares her journey of self-exploration and yoga!

Stay Cool In The Heat With These Yoga Moves

Summer is here. The time of year with the longest daylight hours and a bright sun that is heating up everything and everyone. When overheated, we tend to become more competitive, self-critical, and agitated. Ayurveda offers advice on the ways to adapt yoga practice in the summer to alleviate this imbalance by adding Pitta balancing asanas.  Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga and they work wonderfully together. These asanas prevent these symptoms, as well as hyperacidity, heart burn, skin rashes, and digestion issues.

Where Yoga Really Started

It seems, lately, that everyone is into yoga! Celebrities including Madonna, Sting, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and even Colin Farrell – are doing yoga.


Find Your Body, Lose Your Mind

As some of you might know, Anne is one of my good friends and a participant of a 40 Day Journey to Bliss. Anne is a writer at heart and wrote her first hugely successful piece Discovering The Essence of Yoga on Spinach and Yoga a few weeks ago. The article got almost 200 likes! Thank you for commenting and ‘liking’!


Discovering The Essence of Yoga In The Elusive Bow Pose

Anne is an incredible person, a devoted yogi, and one of the brave women participating in the 40 Day Journey to Bliss Program. Anne is a writer at heart but haven’t had a chance to share her passion with the world yet. Overcoming the fear of being ignored, dismissed, or criticized, that we all have, she took a leap of faith and wrote this.