Yoga – A Multipurpose Tool

I love yoga and my guess is you probably like it, too, if you are reading this :)!

Yoga is a very effective multifunctional, often life-changing tool.

You can use it for relaxation, for stretching, for strengthening, for finding peace and quiet in a noisy world, or to re-energize and find creativity.

It is useful for athletes and couch potatoes, for young and old, for poor or rich.

All you need to do yoga is your body. While all the fancy mats, pants, and props are nice, they are not necessary. I didn’t have a yoga mat until I came to the US and it never occurred to me that I needed one in the first 8 years of daily practice…

The amazing thing is that everyone does yoga for different reasons and comes to yoga with different needs. Yoga is adaptable, personal, and always beneficial when done right.

I do yoga to find connection to myself. It is my time to listen to the body, to pay attention to how I feel, and to breathe. I slow down to re-energize and restore.

If you are in NYC and feel like sharing a yoga practice with me, come to Strala yoga on Tuesday nights at 7pm for 90 minutes of joyful movement and deep breathing!


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