10 Interesting Facts About Food Combining

Lately, I have been noticing that not everything that I eat makes me feel equally well. The more I pay attention to my stomach before and after food, the more feedback my body provides. While I am still learning to decipher my body’s messages, one finding keeps emerging more often than others: THE SIMPLER THE DISH, THE LESS ENERGY IT REQUIRES TO DIGEST. Which means, I have more energy left to do other things like write, think, teach, do yoga, and just enjoy my life.

Eat in a Rush or Skip a Meal?

We live in a busy, tight-schedule always-in-a-rush society at least 5 days out of 7. Meetings, deadlines, family responsibilities, errands, and social life stretch the capacities of our calendars and our physical and mental ones, as well.

Stay Strong and Awake During The Gloomy Winter

Energy is such a precious resource! On most mornings I wake up full of energy and ready to conquer the world. Yesterday was the first time in at least 6 months that I remembered what a 3pm slump feels like. Barely managing to keep my eyes open in a small poorly lit anatomy class room, I thought of a coffee. Usually I like to smell coffee but never drink it. Yesterday, inspired by Aroma’s cafe coffee menu, I ordered a small Mocha (a super strong and sweet mixture of espresso, cocoa, and milk). It was so sweet and strong that I felt my entire world perception shift just after a couple of sips…The Rajasic State of Mind was taking over. I felt more awake but it was a disordered and aggressive kind of energy. Mocha had to go to the garbage and I had to review my ayurvedic books for some energy renewing tips.

Energy Boosters, Part 2: Avoid Energy Drainers

Last week we talked about the ways to increase energy levels. Today, we will look at the ways to save this precious energy by avoiding the drainers. While you might be aware of some, others are very specific to Ayurveda and will be eye-opening to the dwellers of the Western world.

Ayurvedic Energy Boosters

Ever feel like you need another two hours of sleep after your alarm goes off? Or can barely keep your eyes open during a work meeting? 

Energy is a precious substance. Everyone craves more of it. Supplement companies work hard to satisfy the ever growing demand for energy-increasing powders and pills, while people just seem to keep getting more tired. As it often happens, we tend to overlook what is right under our nose, and keep looking for an energy miracle everywhere but in the most obvious place.. Ayurveda gives us some valuable clues to the everlasting energy source — all available in the fridge or your own body.

Yoga Nidra - Secret to a Restful Sleep

Have you met people that sleep 5 hours and then run around like an energizer bunny the entire day? Or did you ever feel tired even after 8-9 hours of sleep?

Avoiding the Blues of a Rainy Day

A few weeks ago I wrote an article at about keeping the energy levels up when it is gloomy and rainy outside. It seems particularly relevant today – it’s been raining all night and doesn’t seem to stop…