Ayurvedic Energy Boosters

Ever feel like you need another two hours of sleep after your alarm goes off? Or can barely keep your eyes open during a work meeting? 

Energy is a precious substance. Everyone craves more of it. Supplement companies work hard to satisfy the ever growing demand for energy-increasing powders and pills, while people just seem to keep getting more tired. As it often happens, we tend to overlook what is right under our nose, and keep looking for an energy miracle everywhere but in the most obvious place.. Ayurveda gives us some valuable clues to the everlasting energy source — all available in the fridge or your own body.

Program your mind and body! Set an intention to wake up with a lot of energy. How many times did you hear that ‘It is all about the right Attitude’? Well it is. Our expectations are responsible for half the experience. If you think that you will be tired in the morning, most likely you will be. If you decide that the next 7 hours of sleep will be the most restful 7 hours ever and that you will wake up full of energy, your brain will program your body and mind accordingly. Yoga Nidra is a great tool to use to teach your body to completely relax. It takes physical and mental relaxation to the next level.

Cinnamon it up! I put cinnamon in everything! It warms you up from the inside, helps digestion, prevents sugar cravings, and provides long-lasting energy. Have it in the morning with oatmeal or soaked chia seeds. (Chia seeds breakfast: 2 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbs of roasted buckwheat, warm almond or soy milk, some raisins and tsp of cinnamon. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes for a filling fiber and protein rich breakfast or dessert); make an energy boosting snack with stewed figs and cinnamon; or finish your meal with a digestion improving baked apple or pear sprinkled with the super spice.

Ginger is my savior. This is a multitasking super supplement to any diet! Digestion issues, fatigue, detoxification, cold, you name it and ginger will alleviate them all. My day starts with a cup of green tea with a handful of cut up fresh ginger and lemon. It gives me energy to run around all day. If you ever feel like falling asleep at the computer later in the day, try chewing on a slice of fresh ginger and lemon. Its spicy zesty taste could make a dead person jump.

- Don’t forget to water regularly. We are watery creatures and don’t function well if dehydrated. Make sure to choose flat warm or hot water. Cold water will make you waste the precious energy, since the body needs to warm it up to the body temperature level. As a result, you might get a reverse effect.

Yoga your way to a new energy level. The following yoga tricks will give an immediate energy boost. Do them anytime when you feel like you are not at your 100 percent and need a quick energy makeover:

  • Sun Salutations – this energy producing calorie burning sequence is best done in the morning to wake up your body and start your day off on a good note. It stretches and opens up the entire body in a gentle yet effective way.
  • Inversions – Bring your head lower than your hips to get some fresh blood and oxygen to your brain. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping into a handstand in the middle of the office yet, a forward fold will do, just bend over your legs and stay there for a few deep breaths. Inversion will clear up your head, boost your brain power, and can also be a good age prevention tool as your skin gets fresh blood and nutrients.
  • Backbends – Take a deep inhale and roll your shoulders back while reaching with your chest up and forward. Create a sensation of openness and stretching in your chest muscles. To take it a step further and activate adrenal glands that are responsible for stress fighting hormones, place your hands on your lower back, keep your hips right over your feet and with an inhale reach your chest forward while bringing your chin and your shoulders back, creating a light backbend in your upper back.

Stay Awake!

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