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1. Do you often overplan and don’t do half of what you planned to accomplish? Leo at Zen Habits talks about why we overplan and what to do about it:

Learn to act fluidly. If your day is mostly wide open, how do you fill it? Flexibly. You don’t have plans or goals, but know how to pick your priorities fluidly, in the moment. At this moment, what is the thing you’re most excited about? What is the most important thing you can do? What can you do that will change your life the most? This is a skill that you learn by practice, but planning ahead what you should do makes no sense when the landscape is changing constantly.

Life is more like the sea, ever changing with no fixed paths or destinations, with swells and currents and waves that change everything at every moment. The ultimate skill, then, isn’t setting a destination (goal) or a path (plan), but surfing. In surfing, you take whatever waves come, learn to judge the waves as they come, learn to ride the wave as it changes, not as you planned. It’s going with the flow (literally), and changing what you do depending on how the flow changes. Life changes things, and it’s when we cling to our goals and plans that we are unhappy or stressed — when we learn to surf the wave as it comes, we can be very happy, no matter what comes.

2. The ‘Sound of Silence’. According to Himalayan Institute’s senior yoga teacher Shari Friedrichsen:

“A lot of people who study yoga think that there are good sides to themselves and bad.” But by holding space for ourselves outside of yoga-approved activities, she says, we can more readily notice, without judgment, all our everyday emotions and physical reactions—the skillful ones and not-so-skillful.


1. Simple treat for breakfast from Dishes and Dishes: Spelt Banana Bread with No Added Sugar or Oil

2. 3 Cool creative uses for Almond Pulp from Gena at Choosing Raw from bread to hummus to a high protein dessert!

4. 11 Ways to Use Lemons for Glowing Skin. Yay for DIY cosmetics from Angela at Oh She Glows!


1. Interview with a legendary ayurvedic doctor Vasant Lad. Inspirational and Interesting at its best!


1. Sexy Core and Upper Body Workout from the amazing Bex at This sexy mama of 4 will whip you up in shape in no time! Bex calls herself a crusader for fitness, family nutrition, and urban organic farming on the internet. If you haven’t seen her videos, check it out today!

2. Follow it up with a 25 min Butt Blaster from Bex’s friend Cassey Ho!

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