Holiday Guidelines and Gifts. 4 Weeks Of Giveaways!

Dharma Wanderlust Necklace Giveaway and Managing Stress With Ayurveda

Last year I celebrated my birthday with writing 28 important life lessons and a giveaway. This year I am keeping up with the tradition and kicking it up a bit. For the next 4 weeks you will have a chance to win something healthy, useful, and beautiful every week.

Besides offering 4 giveaways, I will be sharing 4 great interviews with Ayurveda experts, authors, and a celebrity therapist to support you during the holidays.

We are starting with stress-reducing tips from Felicia Tomasko, RN, Editor in Chief of LA Yoga Magazine and an ayurveda practitioner.

If you have an overwhelming to-do list and feel fatigued and stressed out these might help:

How do you deal with holiday stress and overwhelm? Let me know in the comments!

Choose LOVE necklace Giveaway:

On the giveaway front, we are starting with a beautiful necklace from Dharma Wanderlust!

photo-5Inspired by nature Dharma Wanderlust creations are intended for lovers of yoga and meditation, as well as all those who seek to live a harmonious life grounded in beauty and filled with a sense of adventure. The eye-catching designs are versatile in their elegance, with a bohemian influence. Each of the pieces is unique and individually handcrafted with love from exotic and domestic wood in a small home studio in Ontario, Canada. Wearing your Dharma Wanderlust piece will bring more daily inspiration into your life.

Katia and her husband, the founders of Dharma Wanderlust creates each piece herself creating interesting combinations of natural wood with vibrant color. Each piece is individually cut, sanded and polished.

Choose LOVE necklace will remind you to choose LOVE over fear, anxiety and overwhelm throughout the day.

In all situations, whatever we’re dealing with, we always have a choice. Place your hands on your heart and ask how it wants you to respond in any given circumstance. Listen, make the space, and have the courage and confidence to always CHOOSE LOVE!

This is a beautiful pendant, handcrafted from rosewood, a rich brown wood. The two inlay stripes on either side of the pendant are created of crushed seashell in two colors: light blue and light pink.

How to Win:

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  4. Post a comment below sharing an affirmation. EX: I choose LOVE towards my body over shame, fear, and restriction.

The winner will be chosen randomly on Dec 2nd and will be announced on facebook and in the newsletter. Make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss the news!

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