Holiday Guidelines and Gifts. 4 Weeks Of Giveaways!

Last year I celebrated my birthday with writing 28 important life lessons and a giveaway. This year I am keeping up with the tradition and kicking it up a bit. For the next 4 weeks you will have a chance to win something healthy, useful, and beautiful every week.

6 Tips For Truly Fun & Joyful Holiday Dinners and Parties

Between now and the New Year’s eve it is very likely that you will be going to a party, family dinner or hosting a celebration event at your home. Events and parties are supposed to be fun but more often than not they end up stressing everyone out.  The host is stressing over preparing food, entertainment, and setting everything up. Guests stress over getting perfect gifts for the host, looking their best, getting to the party on time, and getting along with other guests. Plus most people stress over not looking their best, choosing the perfect outfit, and not over-indulging at the dinner table.

5 Holiday Stress Busters

Is holiday shopping and party planning wearing you down? Holiday stress can get even to “yoga people”! Whether you’re worrying about scheduling in-laws dinner, pre-holiday work deadlines, traffic jams, or getting everyone suitable presents, stress takes it toll on your body and mind. Modern scientists agree that stress can trigger anything from allergies and asthma to headaches and indigestion. If experienced over a prolonged time, stress can lead to heart problems, ulcers, and nervous breakdowns. According to ayurvedic expert Vasant Lad, stress and anxiety appear “primarily due to an aggravation of the vata dosha. So to heal anxiety, we have to balance vata.”