No “stay trim during the holidays’ tips will help you if you don’t have this…

This time of the year magazines and health websites are filled with advice on how to ‘stay trim during the holidays‘ or ‘how to lose belly fat during the party season‘. Basically, how not to let your body get you into trouble, think extra weight, bloating, hangover.

woman-eating-grapes-at-holiday-partyMost of the advice stems from a stand point that your body doesn’t know any better, that if not controlled it will lead you to overheat, drink too much and be lazy all day.

When your actions stem from a belief that your body is against you, you live your life with a constant internal battle relying on self control and willpower. Is it doable? – yes, sustainable? – it depends, pleasurable and fun? – hell no!

If you have a healthy relationship with food, know your body well, and trust its cues, you are not likely to gain any weight during the holidays. The fear of gaining weight stems from not trusting yourself.

What if instead of choosing to control your body, you chose to support it? If your actions around stressful times like holidays, travel, big occasions stemmed from a place of self-love and desire to help your body feel it’s best.

What if instead of fear of overrating at an event, you went in the room with an intention to enjoy food, company and feel good in your body? Learn how here.

If we look at the actual data healthy people usually don’t gain much weight, overweight people gain even more.  While parties and occasional overrating can get you to weigh heavier the next morning, a healthy body comes back into its equilibrium with ease.

Someone who is in a trusting relationship with the body and mindful of its cues will feel less hungry after a party and as a result will allow the body to balance out.

People who have an unhealthy relationship with food and don’t know how to listen to the body will have a much harder time balancing the weight after the party season. If you need a clock to tell you when to eat, if you finish everything on the plate even when not hungry, if you can’t tell how hungry your body is but cravEMotionaleatingbannere something to chew on all the time, you need to start looking into mastering the art of being with your body. You need to learn how to feel it.

If you are ready to take the leap and FEEL your body, join me in NYC this Wed for the mindful eating event. Learn more and register here

For those of you who are not in NYC or can’t make it to the event, I will do doing a weekly Q&A, you can post questions on Spinach and Yoga facebook page and I will answer them every Monday. Here is the first one:

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