Get Your Tummy Feeling CLEAN. Plus GaiamTV Special Giveaway

There are few people who know more about digestion than the team behind CLEAN cleanse and Dr Junger himself.

While preparing for Happy Sexy Belly program, I decided it would be an amazing to chat with the digestion and elimination experts behind this popular digestion-focused cleanse. John Rosania, one of the senior wellness coaches at CLEAN, got on a video chat with me to talk about:

  • Top 5 trigger foods for people with digestive un-ease
  • One sure way to find out what foods work for your body
  • The benefits and disadvantages of blood tests to determine food allergies
  • The reasons behind gluten and dairy sensitivity
  • Natural laxatives and whether you should be taking them
  • And much more!

Knowledge is power! We have to take an active approach to learn about our food sources, nutrition, and our body. If you don’t do it, nobody will do it for you. TV is packed with depressing news and silly shows. Positive, powerful, and enlightening information lives mostly online and very few networks such as Veria Living.

Recently I got to experience the beauty of having the best experts share knowledge-packed lectures while I was sitting in my pajamas on the couch. GaiamTV brought Ayurveda teachers, independent movies about food industry, and fitness experts to my home. Check out their great collection of lectures on integrative health, food & nutrition, and energy medicine here.

I like Gaiam TV so much that I had to ask for a giveaway for you! Generous folks at GaiamTV agreed! So here is the deal:

Enter the contest to win $60 towards any yoga or fitness accessory purchase at Gaiam online store and a month-long access to Gaiam TV by taking all the step below. (note: all entrants should register for a free trial as part of the giveaway entry.  If you win the giveaway GaiamTV will  credit your account with an additional 30 day access for free)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gaiam TV has a great collection of lectures on health, digestion, nutrition, and even ayurveda! You will also find lots of yoga, meditation classes, and workout videos. It’s a great place to learn, start your home yoga practice, or exercise without paying for the gym. It’s totally worth it to go through all the steps!

The winner will be announced next Tuesday, Feb 5th on the blog and via newsletter.

If you can’t wait for a taste of Gaiam TV you can get free 10 day access here.

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