Single Tip That You Need For a Healthy Body And a Happy Mind

Mindfulness in Eating and Exercise

On Sept 5th, a friend of mine and a wonderful life coach, Caroline Zwick and I hosted a free conference call on mindfulness: Healthy Body, Happy Mind. With over 120 people participating and so many useful tips that we covered, it was an exciting call.

During the call we shared our personal experiences and tips about:

  • Changing relationship with exercise from hating it to enjoying movement and having fun in your body
  • Changing relationship with food from restriction and binge cycles to enjoyment, nourishment, and true satisfaction
  • Making friends with the body
  • Interpreting body’s language when it comes to cravings and digestion issues
  • Creating an environment of self-compassion where mind and body can live and communicate in harmony
  • Move away from impulsively reacting to cravings to mindfully responding to the underlying emotions (the craving is merely a veil for what is underneath).

If you missed it, you can listen for it here:

Or download an MP3 here

Please keep in mind that it was our first time organizing a free conference call and at times it was a little overwhelming. Even if we got nervous at times, it was still our intention to provide as much useful and applicable information and tips to our listeners. Group calls is one of the ways that we hope to give back to the community and to share our knowledge with those who need help or motivation on their road to wellness.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please leave them int he comment section! They will help us to make the next call more interesting and useful for you!

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