Do You Have 'Body As A Trash Chute' Syndrome?

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We tend to ignore things that we don’t see.

inflamed gut

inflamed gut

We never see the insides of our stomachs. Too bad, things would be a lot more clear if we had a window into the depths of the GI tract.

Imagine, you could peak inside and find out

  • whether your body is clean or has old food left overs sitting inside
  • whether your digestive system is ready to break down a mountain of food or whether you need a day with nourishing cleansing broths and soups
  • if certain foods cause irritation, swelling, and inflammation
  • if your body is having particularly hard time digesting certain combinations of foods.

You would know it all!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a window into the stomach. Our digestive tract keep its mystery. The only way we can communicate with it is through sensations, the health of our immune system, and our energy level.

Trash Chute Syndrome

Since we don’t see how certain foods effect stomach and colon lining, we tend to treat it as a trash chute sometimes. We throw stuff inside and hope it will be gone at some point later. We don’t really know much about the process that it takes to clean out that trash chute. We take it for granted. We consider it natural and automatic. If it doesn’t happen we complain but more often than not, we don’t see how we can improve this process.

The only difference is that your body is not a trash can! There is no 3rd party cleaner who will come and clean your garbage out, unless you get a colonic.

Whether you want it or not but the reality is that your emotions, your energy level, your health are dependent on the state of your cleaning system. If you are clean, your body feels great. If stuff starts getting stuck, fermenting, decaying, your health will deteriorate along with a positive mood.

Since we can’t directly see inside the digestive system, we need to learn to understand the signals that it sends us in hopes to communicate. It is essential to our health and well-being.

Why Digestion Is Important:

The efficiency of your digestion will in a big part determine your vitality (life force). Your physical body and your emotional body are interconnected. If your body is deprived of nutrients and your digestive system is exhausted after years of struggling with difficult-to-digest foods, it will project accordingly in your physical, emotional and mental state.

If you want to live a fulfilling meaningful life where you share inspiration with others your energy level has to be high. You have to be acting from a place clarity, strength, and positivity. A lot of it comes from good health. Good health starts in the gut. Our body re-builds itself on a daily basis and the quality and vitality of the cells is determined by the efficiency of the digestive system.

What It Means For You

happybellyThe cells that line the intestinal tract are normally very active and quite sensitive.  They are the barrier between the internal systems of the body and the outside world. If certain foods cause inflammation or swelling, it negatively affects absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.

Instead of being properly digested, food sits in your digestive tract and ferments. It creates bloating, gas, constipation, gray-ish skin tone, fatigue, bad body odor, and crappy mood.

Most of the time, we don’t know what causes symptoms because we have ‘Body as Trash Chute” symptom. We eat so mindlessly and so much that it is difficult to create a clear personal food map with foods that work for our body and those that don’t.

The first step is to start paying more attention. You can star a food log to track the food that you eat and the way you feel after it. Certain symptoms can show up as much as 2 days later, so it is helpful to be able to look back and see what exactly you ate. Overtime you will be able to see correlations and hopefully build causation links.

Second, is to eat well-balanced meals and then allow enough time for digestion. No grazing! Constant non-stop snacking is another symptom of ‘Body as a Trash Chute’ syndrome. Respect your digestion. Know that every food takes a certain amount of time to be digested. You can’t rush the process. There is no sense in throwing food in and hoping that digestion rules don’t apply to you.

Third, respect your body’s signals. It means eat when hungry, don’t when you are not. Avoid foods that make you feel bloated, tired, give you heart burn, or constipation. There are always great alternatives. In the beginning it might be scary to have to refuse gluten, dairy, nuts, or other food that you might not be digesting well. You might be reluctant to go through life without a cake from your favorite bakery or milk in your coffee. But once you try new foods, experiment with new recipes, and find new items on the restaurant menu, you will find new favorites. Don’t let food determine whether you feel happy or unhappy. There are many more pleasures in life than just food.

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holiday_partyWith holiday season in full swing it might be more difficult than usually not to give in into the ‘Body as a Trash Chute’ syndrome. Endless parties, a lot more temptations that usual, and more peer pressure can be hard on our digestive system. No wonder everyone feels down and fat in Jan after all the celebrations. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

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