Cardio & Cravings Connection That Nobody Wants You To Know About!

Holiday time tends to be a time of over-indulgence. We all know it and some of us sort of make peace with it. A few people treat seasonal weight gain as something to be expected. Later, when January comes they jump into detoxes, diets, and cleanses.

Other people try to prevent holiday weight gain by compensating over-eating (and over-drinking) with over-exercising. While it might seem like a plausible strategy, it can lead to quite the opposite results from what one might expect.

Overeating and Punishing Cardio: Deadly Cycle

There is a cardio and cravings connection that nobody wants you to know about!

In this video (done for a new project Holistic Times that I will be collaborating with – more on that later)  I will tell you about this special connection and how it might be effecting your body.

You will learn about:

  • Cardio, hormones, and cravings connection
  • Ancestral fat storage mechanisms that might be leading to cravings
  • The difference between nourishing vs depleting exercise and how to choose exercise that makes you feel energized, not drained.

Instead of going into this unpleasant and very energy draining cycle of over-eating and over-exercising, I invite you to welcome moderation and mindfulness into your holidays. I know it may sound old-school and cheezy but holidays or not holidays, your body deserves to be treated with respect and love. Punishing workouts and tough-to-digest food won’t make you happy at the end. You will feel exhausted, groggy, bloated, sluggish, and cranky. I don’t know about you but very few things taste as good as feeling vibrant and light feels to me.

Taking time to re-connect with your body, to tune in, to relax, and listen is more important when there are a lot of temptations and distractions.

You can also use this guide to make holiday indulgences less painful for your digestive system and your energy levels. Read this one for a refresher on Willpower vs Body Wisdom. If over-eating triggers guilt, I had 8 health and wellness experts share advice on how to overcome food-induced guilt.

In the comments let me know if you ever felt that your cravings become a lot more intense after long cardio workouts? What workouts feel fun and energizing not punishing and brutal?

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