Living a Dream

Creating an Inspirational Wellness Vision

Even though 40 Day Journey to Bliss program finished a few weeks ago, most women are still keeping in touch with me and share there success stories and transformations. These stories are truly inspiring!

One of the girls shared her experience a few days ago in our closed facebook group:

Hey girls, I have a wellness triumph to share! I’m in the Detroit airport on a 4 hour layover, and I figured out that there is a Westin Hotel at the airport and you can buy a day pass to their gym and pool. So I had a nice long workout then a shower on my layover instead of sitting at the bar! And last night I cooked up a batch of kitchari for the plane. A travel day never felt so healthy! Thanks for the inspiration, Nadya. 

How cool is that? Don’t you love this optimistic perspective on a 4 hour layover?!

Another wellness superstar, shared her insights on wellness vision and its inspirational power. Here is Kristin’s story:

When I first wrote my wellness vision I thought it was simply another tool for positive thinking. It most definitely serves that purpose. What I didn’t know was the power of manifestation behind creating a wellness vision. It is something one person can only try to explain to another, however true understanding is only gained once you create one of your own! And since we are ever changing beings, I enjoy frequently revisiting mine and tweaking it when I feel like doing so.

I just love the idea of creating a wellness vision. Its so uplifting and inspiring to go back and reread it AND so fun to tweak when I feel like tweaking it. I wanted to share my latest with you 🙂

My Wellness Vision:

I wake up rested and energized.

I take deep breaths, smile and  give gratitude for being healthy and alive and for all that I have. I look forward to starting my day.  

I flexibly practice yoga and meditate.

I nourish my body with nutritious non processed foods that make me feel light, energized, satisfied and satiated.

I am surrounded by people who inspire me, people who make me feel loved and give me a sense of belonging. In return I show unconditional love to myself and all other beings. We are all one. My purpose is to inspire others and I am a tool to help them see the love and light. I spread love and light wherever I go by being it. I am exposed to the masses through various mediums where I can share my gifts and teach and inspire others.

I  am involved in projects where I use my many talents and creativity and am paid in a just way. The projects I’m involved in contribute to the greater good of our world and deliver positive messages. I have support to help me execute my ideas and reach the masses.

I live in a comfortable way, and I can afford to travel. I am independent financially. I have a peace of mind and am secure with future plans, even amidst the uncertainty. I know that I am taken care of by the Universe and that She has a master plan far greater than I can see right now so I remain open and allow things to flow naturally.

I am patient. When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful soul. I am glowing and smiling.

Kristin Rocco, originally from Rochester NY, is currently living in NYC where her creative soul is fed with opportunities to perform as an actress. She also enjoys being on the other end of the spectrum in the arts, planting seeds of new ideas and watching them blossom. The sky is the limit for this 25 year old, who’s ultimate goal is to spread love, joy and inspiration. Kristin welcomes each day as a fresh opportunity to grow and seek new experiences.

Kristin’s vision is so vivid and alive! Love it, girl!

Do you have a wellness vision? What is your dream?

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