Find Your Body, Lose Your Mind

As some of you might know, Anne is one of my good friends and a participant of a 40 Day Journey to Bliss. Anne is a writer at heart and wrote her first hugely successful piece Discovering The Essence of Yoga on Spinach and Yoga a few weeks ago. The article got almost 200 likes! Thank you for commenting and ‘liking’!

A War Against the Rush

How many times did you feel rushed today? Whether it’s working non-stop to finish a project, running to to a meeting, or to rushing to a yoga class, it seems like we’re almost always short on time. If only the day had an extra few hours, we say. I think even if it had another 10 hours, we would still be in a rush because we forgot how not to be.

A Simple Way to Reduce Anxiety

Every day we face many choices that were created by the society of abundance. We have a choice in most things that we do. These choices, whether you realize it or not, are a luxury. Most people in the world don’t face a hard choice between Chinese, Indian, or Italian cuisine for dinner.  It might sound surprising, but over-abundance of choice is one of the reasons our stress levels are so high. It’s too much self-inflicted decision-making.

This Harvard Guy Will Save Your Stomach

How many Harvard educated business executives who, after running their own successful companies, decide to quit and focus on improving nation’s health one belly at a time do you know? Recently I did an interview for Yogacity NYC with one of the most educated, passionate, but very easy going Ayurvedic practitioners in the US – John Joseph Immel. He is the creator of a thriving online community at and was very eager to share  some cool digestion and anti-anxiety tips during our Skype interview.