Benefits Of Being With Your Own Self

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. It can give you answers that even an experienced therapist can’t.

I find that being mindful is a matter of willingness to be with YOU. You are fully present with your own self and everything that comes along with it: thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations, feeling, old triggers, and patterns.

Today, while preparing for my upcoming Mindful Eating event for women on Nov 20th, I kept think of the results that my clients got from using mindful eating techniques. I also thought of the shift that mindful eating created in me.

Here are just a few experiences and insights that people got:

makefirendswithyourselfI don’t really like what I choose to eat: One of the women noticed that she didn’t like her morning coffee even though she has been drinking it every single day. Slowing down and being mindful helped her realize that the pull towards coffee was just a dear memory of her husband who passed away and loved coffee. Coffee reminded her of him.

Weightloss is not hard!: This comes from a lot of my clients! With slower, more mindful eating, they lose weight with ease not because they restrict themselves but because they are able to FEEL their body better. One of my recent clients lost 11 lbs in 3 months without trying, while traveling to Italy and enjoying the food that she loves. Before she used to punish herself with on and off juice fasts and couldn’t lose any weight. Now she lights when she talks about listening to her body and finally making friends with it.

My childhood memories effect my behavior today: I personally also learned a lot about myself through practicing mindfulness. For example I remembered that since I was a little kid my parents would try to feed me really healthy food. Sweet pea puree, soaked and sprouted grains with honey, greens from the garden. As a normal kid, I resisted pureed peas the most. So my parents and my grandma started saying that if I eat some healthy food, they will give me a treat (something sweet usually). This created a pattern in me that I was struggling with for a long time. Every time I had a super healthy lunch, I would crave a sweet reward for my good behavior. And you know what it took to let go of this habit? Just being mindful of where it came from and the understanding that I am not a kid anymore. I can choose freely what I eat and nobody is making me eat pureed peas. I am not eating clean to satisfy my parents and deserve a reward. I eat clean because I choose food that supports and nourishes my body.

Without mindfulness, we are slaves to old patterns, bad habits that don’t support our wellness vision, and often feel stuck.

If you are ready to take the leap and FEEL your body, join me in NYC next week for the mindful eating event. Learn more and register here.

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