A Rare Opportunity to Meet a True Yoga Guru

Some people say that it is hard to practice yoga in a hectic and busy life of New York City. But I could not disagree more! New York yogis have access to the largest variety of studios, amazing teachers, NYC focused yoga publications, and great yoga deals. What’s more is that even world-renowned Swamis, Yoga and Meditation Masters, famous spiritual leaders come to NYC on a regular basis to share their knowledge saving New York yogis time, money, and a trip to the other part of the world. There is not much more that a yoga student could wish for… Take advantage of this great opportunity to listen to the discourses and learn form this wonderful teacher in the upcoming weeks:

Yug Purush MahaMandeleshwar Swami Parmanand Giri Ji Maharaj. Born in the late 30’s in the small village of Mawie Dham in U.P., India.  A disciple of Sri Swami Akhandanand Ji Maharaji from Chitrakoot, M.P., Swamiji chose the path of a Karma Yogi, dedicating his life for the welfare of humanity after completing his education in Yoga and Meditation.  He became known as Brahmn Gyani, one who is Self-Realized, and was soon after initiated into Sainthood as Swami Paramanand Ji Maharaj. After 50 years now, he continues to share the gifts of his experiential knowledge. Today, his full title is, Yug Purush Mahamandeleshwar Swami Paramanand Giri Ji Maharaj. He is notably being honored and recognized as the Yug Purush, a world Guru of the present Yug (era).

As an enlightened scholar, yoga master, teacher, philosopher, counselor and spiritual Guru, Swami Ji has a following from all around the world. He first came to America when he was invited to address the World Millennium Peace Summit of Spiritual leaders in 2000 at the United Nations.  He now travels worldwide through North & South America, Canada, England, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. He is continually sharing his knowledge by teaching, giving darshan, and imparting knowledge as an initiation, passing on Divine dynamic power to those who are ready to receive it. Over 100 books have been written about his teachings and techniques. For 5 decades, Swami Paramanand has been guiding others to their own self-realization and working towards the betterment of humanity. He has fostered hundreds of service projects through Akhand Paramdham, the non-profit organization that manages his vast array of projects.

Typically Swami’s lectures include meditation followed by spiritual discourses and awareness exercises and ending with a question & answer session and home-made traditional Prasad.

Notes: All lectures are donations based. It is customary to bring flowers or fruits that Swami usually gives away at the end of lecture at a part of Prasad.

Dates and Locations:

5/21 6-8:30PM Heckscher Park, Huntington, Long Island ,NY

For more info: Debbie Goldman (631)367-3709 or email: toboggan19@aol.com

5/22 & 5/23 10AM –12PM Loyd Neck Harbor, Long Island, NY

For more info: Burt Shaffer (631)-385-7176 or email shafferb@optonline.net

5/23 2:30-4:30PM Shakti Yoga, Victory BLVD, Staten Island, NY

For more info: Pam (718)442-9400 or email syc@shaktiyoga.com

5/31 7:30-9PM 85 N, 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY

For more info: Gerald Leitner (646)415-4539 or email gleitner1@gmail.com

06/1-06/4 7-8:30PM Hindu Center 4552, Kissena BLVD, Flushing, NY

For more info: PT Dixit Ji (718)358-6726 or email kdixit@aol.com

For more info go to  http://www.akhandparamdham.com/swami.html

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