Yoga and Ayurveda Vacation to India

Finally, a dream come true vacation for any yogi – a perfect present for yourself for the New Year, and the best value-for-money investment in self-development!!! – A Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat to Kerala, India.

A Rare Opportunity to Meet a True Yoga Guru

Some people say that it is hard to practice yoga in a hectic and busy life of New York City. But I could not disagree more! New York yogis have access to the largest variety of studios, amazing teachers, NYC focused yoga publications, and great yoga deals. What’s more is that even world-renowned Swamis, Yoga and Meditation Masters, famous spiritual leaders come to NYC on a regular basis to share their knowledge saving New York yogis time, money, and a trip to the other part of the world. There is not much more that a yoga student could wish for… Take advantage of this great opportunity to listen to the discourses and learn form this wonderful teacher in the upcoming weeks: