High Protein Raw Chocolate Balls

A Perfect Power Snack

Do you like chocolate? Who doesn’t? Raw chocolate is one of my favorite treats but is can get really expensive! Plus even the best home-made raw chocolatiers think it is necessary to load their chocolates with a ton of oil and agave syrup or another sweetener. While I love sweets, I think fruits are way better than syrups.

This weekend my friend baby-sat our doggy while we were away and left behind some dried figs when she left. As soon as I saw them, an idea of blending them with raw cacao powder crawled into my head :). And it wouldn’t leave until I tried it. My goal was to make a protein, fiber-rich, low sugar raw chocolate with a spicy kick to it. Browsing through my kitchen cabinets, I decided to use the following ingredients:


Spicy Raw Chocolate Balls

Spicy Raw Protein Chocolate Recipe:

½ cup walnuts
1 cup soaked figs
3 tbsp flax seed
3 tbsp hemp seeds
3 tbsp goji berries
1/2 cup coconut oil
3 tbs dry red quinoa
1 cup raw unsweetened cacao powder
1/2 cup coconut flakes (plus another ½ to cover the balls)
vanilla extract
1 tsp sunflower lecithin
cardamom and cinnamon ( to help break down sugars)
pinch of cayenne pepper
1 cup water

All the dry ingredients

Put all the ingredients into the blender, add water and let it blend until it turns into a thick paste. I had to add a little more water along the way. If it gets too liquid try adding some oats to the mix. They will help absorb extra liquid and it will still taste amazing.

Once the paste is ready, transfer everything to a bowl, spread coconut flakes on a plate and use wet hands to make small balls out of the paste. Then roll them around in coconut flakes. I ran out of coconut flakes and covered a few balls with Maca powder. Both tasted amazing!!!

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