How Pinterest Can Help You Live The Life of Your Dreams

No Vision, No Chance!

Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.

You can’t get to a happy future if you can’t visualize what would a happy future entail for you.

If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you get there? You will feel lost if there is no direction.

To help you determine what is it that you want, think of your past life and remember the happiest moments:

  • What did they involve, what were you doing, who was around, how did you look.
  • Recreate it in as much detail as possible. based on those happiness elements, start creating a vision for your desired future.

Your vision should be based on your passions and values, not on someone else’s! Don’t limit yourself with society’s expectation of what happiness should be. Look within and find what makes YOU happy. In the beginning it can be tempting to write that you will be happy having a ton of money, not having to work, living in a mansion, and driving a crazy car.

If this is something that would make you authentically happy, put it down, but be honest with yourself. I personally know a lot of people who have money, cars, houses, and live a very unhappy life. Most of us are looking for a feeling not the object itself. Is it a sports car that you are after or a feeling of being in the center of attention? If you listed a beautiful body in you vision, are you looking for a specific shape or a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and being in-love with yourself?

Number 1 Mistake That Doesn’t Let You Live The Life Of Your Dreams

One of the biggest mistakes that most adults make is that they forget how to dream. They complain about the present circumstances but they don’t imagine they ideal world either. As kids, we day dream and imagine. As adults, we frown upon life’s miseries and hope that someone in power will make our life better. So the biggest mistake is NOT CREATING DREAMS.

Creative an inspiring vision is important! Just think about this amazing quote from Dream Manifesto:

Think of it as ordering from the Cosmic kitchen of the Universe. When you go into a restaurant, you don’t want to tell the waiter that you want “food”. Most of us are much more definite than that. In fact, we generally don’t hesitate to tell the waiter exactly what we want, how we want it, and when we want it.

You have the power to bring forth into your life whatever you choose consciously. Think of your vision board as placing your order. Be clear about what you want, and know that what we have ordered will be delivered.

If you are still not sure that you are ready to spend time creating a vision, consider this: even Oprah thinks that creating a vision helps to achieve success. Basically, vision serves 2 goals:

  • To Inspire You to act in accordance with your values and goals. A personal vision that is based on values and beliefs that are important to you is the best motivator!
  • To keep you focused on your desired future. It guides you through difficult decisions in life and work.

Why Use Pinterest to Create Vision?

There are several ways to create an inspiring vision: you can write it out on paper, you can create a collage with pictures and magazine cut outs, or you can create it using Pinterest. There are some benefits of creating a vision using Pinterest:

  • It is super easy. You don’t need to go through piles of magazines to choose the images that are attractive to you. All you need to do is to search through images already uploaded to Pinterest or upload the ones from your computer.
  • You can update it whenever you want. We change and our desires for the future may change as well. Also, creating a great personal vision based on values and beliefs may take some time. Many of us are not sure what is it that we TRULY want. It takes time to get to know yourself and re-introduce yourself to those things that are really important to your happiness. In the beginning a vision can look very general and not personal but overtime it will grow more personal. You have to dig deep to learn what is it that you really really want. 
  • It is always there. It won’t get lost, doesn’t take up space, and always handy. Vision is effective only if you keep it current and also refer to it once in a while. Often people write out their wellness vision and feel very excited about it for a few days but then life gets busy and the vision goes in the background. To make the most of your vision and use it as a daily inspiration, you have to re-read it on a regular basis. I would say, you should do it daily to keep your vision at the forefront of your mind.
  • It makes the vision more powerful. Seeing things that you want visually makes the vision more real and desirable. It is very important to create a strong emotional charge when it comes to an effective vision. Image and pictures are more like to awaken strong emotions than just words. You should feel the feeling of having those things in the present. Feel the gratitude for having those things.
  • It helps you to be limitless. Let your imagination go wild on Pinterest. Explore. Let yourself be inspired with other vision boards and beautiful pictures.

How to Start:

Creating vision is a combination of deep self-exploration and imagination. It is inspiring, re-invigorating, and exciting! You are creating your own future!!!

Once you get clear on things that you would like to feel and experience in your future life, find images that reflect it online. Use Pinterest search, google search, image search, or upload from your computer.

You can create different vision boards for your career vision, for your love life vision, and for your wellness vision. Keep them detailed and specific. Find pictures that truly resonate with you and create strong emotions!

Refer and update your vision boards regularly. Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. Here are some examples of what a Pinterest vision board may look like Health and WellnessDream Life, Fit and Healthy.

While teaching the first 40 Day Journey to Bliss program, we worked a lot on figuring out personal values, beliefs, and priorities as a basis for creating a Wellness Vision that ring the bell. A good vision should have a strong inspiring and energizing effect on you!

If you are having trouble figuring out your values or creating a particular vision, come tonight, Mon 4/30 to the free Info session for the next 40 Day Journey to Bliss. You will be able to ask all the questions, talk to the past participants, and taste some yummy healthy cookies.

Info Session will take place at 101 W 24th st, 3rd floor lounge at 6-7pm. For more details about the program, read here or email nadyaand @ gmail dot com

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Hugs and inspiring visions!


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