Did You Miss This Crucial Life Lesson?

How I finally put myself first, and how you can, too…

You may think I have always lived a perfect health coach life, drinking green juices and sucking on chia seeds (if you don’t know what these are — stay tuned!) deep breathing for relaxationBut I’ll be honest with you: it took me the longest time to learn how to put myself first. And even after I did, the recent book launch got the best out of me.

Honestly, I felt drained, inflamed, and uninspired.

For most of my life, I put other people and work first.

What happened when I took care of work and pleasing everyone else and put myself last in line? I felt tired, I gained weight, my hormones were out of balance and my digestion didn’t work well. I was looking for quick fixes for my energy, kept dreaming of eventually giving up sugar, and some day getting enough rest. Once the book was launched and I could breathe again, I knew I needed to make a change.

What I came to realize is that it was time to take care of me, to re-focus on receiving not just giving, to prioritize re-fueling and connection not business goals, and to detox. Filling my vessel first before trying to fill others’. I needed to restore myself emotionally and physically.

So, I created this plan for myself because what I saw out there wasn’t quite in line with what I was looking for: a whole foods-based, nurturing approach to change.

After 15 days of clean and easy eating, self-care, and really detoxing my life of what was not serving me – foods, emotional baggage, cleaning out the cabinets, journaling, stopping to appreciate my family in ways that are so important to me…I emerged renewed and profoundly grateful.

I knew this was something I had to share with my clients to give you the opportunity to experience the same freedom I experienced and continue to enjoy.

I will be with you to guide you step by step and day by day towards how to take care of yourself, from how to choose the best foods for you to daily practices that will help you find the place of centeredness we all crave in our busy lives. It will come in the perfect time for the warmer months when we naturally tend to focus on resetting the body and getting rid of things that are holding us back.

So, come along for the ride if you are tired of feeling blah and would like to experience what it feels like to truly thrive. Are you ready?

Stay tuned to make sure you register for the webinar as space will be limited due to a new software program that I will be using.

In the comments, please let me know what would you like to let go of this spring? What is holding you back and you are ready to release it?

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