Craving Sugar At Night? Here Is What To Do

Recently, I read an interesting article called Beware Of the Late-Night Snack Attack by Carrie Arnold, a science writerphoto 2-1 who specializes in eating disorders.

The article started in an interesting way that grabbed my attention:

You’d never eat two dinners, right? Except that maybe you (inadvertently) already do: Research shows that many women take in nearly half of their calories at or after dinner. A third of people down 15% of their calories after 11pm.

In my work with women I often hear that night-time cravings can be overpowering and in a way debilitating. 

Most crave sweets, nuts, or salty chips.

The result? Low energy in the morning, overloaded digestion, a feeling of failure, and unwanted weight.

Since most people I spoke to complained of sweet cravings, I decided to explore the issue a bit deeper and share some solutions.

In today’s interview triple certified nutritionist Dana James and I discuss effective ways to manage sweet cravings that tend to take over in the evening.

Here is what we discuss:

  • Why do so many of us have an urge to eat after sundown?
  • Why sweets are the most attractive and desirable post dinner treat?
  • What happens if we eat a few cookies or ice cream at 9-10pm?
  • How can we prevent it from happening?
  • What do we do if we have the craving?
  • How can we help our body recover if we didn’t stop at the right moment and over indulged?

Some ayurvedic herbs that may help with reducing sugar cravings:

Trim Support: Trim Support gently detoxifies the body, supporting proper nutrition and metabolic function. Improperly digested food creates toxins that coat the digestive tract, inhibiting absorption and leading to the accumulation of fat in the tissues. Trim Support gently scrapes these toxins from the system while enkindling the digestive fire, allowing proper digestion, absorption and assimilation. When combined with exercise and proper diet, Trim Support can help one achieve optimal weight.

Sweet Ease: Sweet Ease is a kapha-reducing formula created to support healthy blood sugar levels and the proper function of the pancreas. Shardunika, a main ingredient, is known as “the destroyer of sweet”. Modern studies suggest that it helps the pancreas maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range by supporting the production of insulin. Along with shardunika, Sweet Ease combines other Ayurvedic herbs like neem and turmeric that have been used together for centuries to support the pancreas and to help the body digest sweet, unctuous and heavy substances.

Gymnema sylvestre or Shardunika: Shardunika is renowned for its use in promoting healthy blood glucose levels and supporting the proper function of the pancreas. A little shardunika on the tongue has the power to dull the taste buds to the sense of sweet, thus it is known as the ‘killer of sweet’. It promotes the healthy production of insulin and supports the body’s natural metabolic process. Shardunika also promotes healthy management of the appetite and sugar cravings.

Pukka Relax Tea: Longing to unwind? Soothe away the stresses of the day with this wonderfully calming sweet mellow blend of pure bliss. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Perfect for grounding vata types. Chamomile flowers and gotu kola leaf help relaxation. Fennel seed, ginger root and cardamom seed all work on warming and relaxing the digestive system. Marshmallow root, ashwagandha and licorice help to calm and tonify


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