Be The First To Win An Advance Copy Of Happy Belly Guide

I know many of you are really interested in learning more about what I’ve spent the past year researching and writing about – how we can overcome bloating, constipation, and accompanying heaviness without restrictive diets and endless pills. Whether you’re a woman who is tiredHappy Belly 3D cover of struggling with her body or a wellness coach who support people on their healing journey, I have great news!

My publisher have been generous with providing me with advance copies of the book so we can get the buzz going before the actual publication date of March 12th, 2014. So I have a stack of galley copies of Happy Belly: woman’s guide to feeling vibrant, light and balanced, but I need your help spreading the word!

Happy Belly is jam-packed with practical living and eating tips, journaling exercises, and ancient knowledge of Ayurveda that will help you and your clients create a personalized approach to food based on combing outer and inner wisdom.

How To Win A Free Galley Copy Of Happy Belly Guide

To be among the first to read Happy Belly Guide, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Post a comment in the comments section of this blog.

Tell us your genius plan for how you’ll further the mission to empower women to overcome their internal battle with digestion and food.  I know many of you want to dive deep into the contents of the book and find the solutions for your digestive woes.

We have a very limited number of galley copies so we have to reserve them for people with great ideas about how to spread the message. The rest of you can preorder the book now and stay tuned for previews of some of the life-changing content that will be included in Happy Belly Guide.

Not sure how you can help? Some ideas include:

  • Write a blog about Happy Belly and send a newsletter to your list about what you learn in the book
  • If you are a journalist or friends with one you can write a review about Happy Belly Guide if you like it
  • If you are a chiropractor or a wellness practitioner with an office, you can place books in your waiting room
  • If you work in HR and would like me to come speak in your company, I would happily explore the opportunity! 

Step 3: By Feb 15th, we will email selected winners.

We will make sure you get your early copy of the book at least two weeks before the launch of Happy Belly Guide on March 19th. We will also provide you a write up for an interview with Nadya and a Happy Belly Guide inspired article to share with your tribe if you are too short on time to write a review.

In exchange for sharing Happy Belly Guide with your tribe, we will shower you with social media love and mentions in the newsletter.

I’m so grateful to all of you for the support you’ve already shown. I know this book will help thousands of people, and I’m counting on you to help me spread the word to your loved ones, your co-workers, your coaching clients, your health care providers, your blog readers, your social media followers, and anyone else you think this will help.

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