Your Body Needs a LOVE LETTER

A Love/Hate Relationship

You write kind messages and emails to your loved ones, friends, family, and everyone that you care about. They deserve to know that you care about them and love them. Sharing your feelings is what makes the relationship stronger.

How would you like to live with someone who never tells you that he cares about you or loves you?!

No matter how open we are with others, we rarely communicate openly with ourselves. Nobody ever told us that we need to.

Have you ever thought of writing a love letter to your body? Your dear body that you’ve been living with for your entire life! Your patient body that you spent every moment of the day and night with? Through the good and bad times, your body never left you, never betrayed you, always was there for you.

I bet you can remember the last time when you gave a complement to another person but would have a harder time recollecting a compliment to yourself. I hope I am wrong and you love your body tremendously but considering all the body image issues skyrocketing among men and women, I might be right.

It is time to correct it!

A Simple Yet Powerful Exercise To Build a Better Relationship With Self!

During 40 Days to Bliss wellness program we talked a lot about body confidence, body and mind relationship, and ways to improve it. A LOVE LETTER exercise was one of the techniques that women from the program got to play with. Here is love letter written by of the participants. It is touching, emotional, raw, and honest. Read it! And then write your own!

Dear body,

I want you to know that I continue to be amazed by your strength and resilience. For the past 18 years, now half of your life, you have tolerated constant abuse. You have stood strong for 12 hour shifts in over one hundred degree kitchens, bending, lifting and carrying heavy, hot items. In all of that time, you never let me down.

I repaid you for all of your hard work with burns and cuts on a regular basis, many late nights spent overindulging on  fatty foods and alcohol, and never enough rest.

There was also the time when I put you through painful procedures and pumped you up with unnatural hormones prescribed by doctors. I should have been a better advocate for you, insisting on a more thorough answer instead of a quick fix. I should have invested time in a better solution.

There is some good news too. You are blessed to be loved by someone. This wonderful, generous man has encouraged you to take a break and rest.

 I hope it is not too late, but I would like a chance to make it up to you. I have used this time to get us back on a routine of exercise, which will make you stronger and ultimately happier. I have learned to listen to what you need, and will feed you accordingly. So much of my life has been spent feeding others, and neglecting you. The time has come to focus on healthful, nutritious meals.

The truth is, I have one more very important favor to ask. I’m pretty sure you already know what it is. I will need your incredible strength to help our family grow.

I still have scars, so I will never forget all that you have already done for me. We have many beautiful years left together, and I am committed to treating you with love and kindness. I am grateful for our journey, and looking forward to the future.



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