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It seems like Green Smoothies are taking over the world! Kris Carr, a crazy sexy cancer thriver, as she calls herself, swears by them.

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Tara Stiles, shares her juicing and smoothie adventures on her new tumblr page, and more and more athletes recognize the healing powers of easy-to-digest green nutrition. There is a reason behind this green revolution. People who are highly connected and aware of their bodies easily recognize the energizing effect of green smoothies and raw savory soups. It is hard not to notice the difference in how you feel after a heavy fried chicken and potatoes versus a light but satisfying green soup. No, I am not saying that you should immediately switch your diet and eat only bended fruits and greens. Our body does better on a slow step by step change. Plus, it is always good to experiment with dishes and recipes to find what your body thrives on. Remember, we are all unique according to ayurveda and our needs are unique, as well. However, I invite you to try new things and stay mindful to notice all the sensations that a new food, recipe, or food combination create in your body. This is the only way to discover your unique best personal favorites.

For now if you are open to trying green smoothies and soups, Victoria Boutenko created a really amazing app to help you with recipes. You can use her recipes, create your own based on a huge ingredient list, and watch videos for additional tips.

Green Smoothie Recipe Web App works on any modern mobile device such as an Android, Blackberry, iPad, and even the computer.  The Green Smoothie Recipe Web App can be found at Green Smoothies blog. It is absolutely free!

With this web app you can have instant access to countless green smoothie recipes. What makes my program unique: It contains nutrition data that accompanies every ingredient and each recipe. Along with this data, Victoria have included the nutritional highlights of what foods are beneficial for particular health conditions. For example, raspberries are associated with colon cancer protective properties, parsley has been shown to inhibit tumor formation in the lungs, and lemons are useful in conditions like colds, flu’s, and recurrent ear infections. All of the nutritional highlights come from the best, most trusted sources one of which is NutritionData.Self.com.

Enjoy new green smoothies every day anywhere in the world!


Victoria Boutenko is the award-winning author of Green For Life, Green Smoothie Revolution, Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening, 12 Steps to Raw Foods, and Raw Family Signature Dishes. A raw gourmet chef, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist, and a mother of three, she teaches classes on healthy living all over the world. As a result of her teachings, millions of people are drinking green smoothies and eating raw food. Boutenko continues to travel worldwide sharing her green raw cuisine and her inspiring story of determination. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.

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