Slow Eating, Slow Yoga, Slow Sex

I have been noticing the concept of “Slowing Down” all over the place. A student of mine asked specifically to focus on pace and flow during our last class because he wanted to learn how to move like a dancer. Slow food movement is gaining momentum. More folks are exploring the sexual aspects of slowing down with Mindful Sexuality and Orgasmic Meditation. As a foodie and someone who feels best when I listen to my body, I know that slowing down is necessary to engage all the senses and to be fully present. Slowing down when it comes to food is crucial if you want to want to learn how to listen and decipher your body’s cues.

WORKSHOP: Rediscovering Health Through Mindful Eating

Are you struggling with losing holiday pounds? Is losing weight and staying healthy on your 2011 resolutions list? Or would you like to enjoy food more without experiencing a sense of guilt after it? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Mindful Eating Workshop is for you!


We’ve all heard about ways to combat food cravings: get busy to distract yourself, go for a walk, write it in a food journal, remove all tempting food from your fridge/cupboard, just will your way through it. It is all valid advice but may not address the root cause – the actual reason for your food cravings. To prevent cravings or at least significantly minimize them, Ayurveda has some interesting advice. And trust me it works!