Post-Holiday Detox Craving

The holidays are over and now we are stuck with post holiday cleaning up, getting back to a routine, working on New Years resolutions, and most likely some degree of sugar withdrawal…

Navigating Holiday Dessert Dilemma

Holiday season often means a lot of desserts at home, in the office, and at all the catered events. Everyone loves a good cookie and there is nothing wrong with having it once in a while. However, having processed sugar on a daily basis can lead to a lot of unpleasant side effects besides weight gain. You might notice a few extra pimples, grayish skin tone, weaker immune system, sluggish digestion, and a LOT LESS energy. So how do you enjoy the sweets without paying for it too much both in physical and metaphysical resources? Ayurveda, as always, has an answer!

Fall Recipes

On my recent trip to the Union Square Farmers market I made friends with Cayuga Pure Organics (CPO). CPO has been growing organic beans and grains in the Northeast region for almost 10 years and have quite a following of health conscious organic food lovers. Encouraging busy New Yorkers to cook CPO provides recipe cards along with a huge selection of locally grown grains and beans. Here are some of my favorites: