Navigating Holiday Dessert Dilemma

Holiday season often means a lot of desserts at home, in the office, and at all the catered events. Everyone loves a good cookie and there is nothing wrong with having it once in a while. However, having processed sugar on a daily basis can lead to a lot of unpleasant side effects besides weight gain. You might notice a few extra pimples, grayish skin tone, weaker immune system, sluggish digestion, and a LOT LESS energy. So how do you enjoy the sweets without paying for it too much both in physical and metaphysical resources? Ayurveda, as always, has an answer!

  • If you are inviting friends over or someone asked you to bring a dessert to a party, make this guilt-free yummy ayurvedic Apple Plum Delight. You will be surprised how fast it will be gone and how many complements it gets!

Apple Plum Delight:
2 lbs of apples
1 lbs of plums
0.5 lbs of raisins
cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and nutmeg

1. Slice of apples and plums
2. Soak raisins in hot water
3. Put a little bit of ghee or olive oil on the bottom on a deep baking dish
4. Layer apples, plums, and raisins and sprinkle a generous amount on spices.
5. Cover with tinfoil and bake at 350F for 40-45 mins

Serve warm or cold with a cup a steaming ginger tea!



  • If you are at a party and craving something sweet, there is a way to enjoy it with the least consequences.

– Choose 1-2 types of desserts that you like the most and stick to them. It is better not to mix cheesecake with ice cream and pecan pie. It will be easier for you stomach to digest it. The combination of dairy, nuts, and fruits is one of the most difficult for your belly to manage.
– Always carry some Stomach Ease or ginger & cinnamon tea bags with you, especially until the end of the holiday season! Help you body to deal with all the extra work that you are giving it. Spicy herbal tea will enhance the work of all the organs responsible for detoxifying the body. It will save you a trip to the pharmacy and an acne specialist later on.
– Make dessert a separate meal, if it is possible. Wait an hour before and after another meal.
– Be mindful of how you feel and how the dessert tastes. Take you time to chew the cookie unless you are competing with your coworkers on who eats the most cookies in 60 seconds! Try not to talk while you eat. Your body will send you a clear signal of when you had enough. The dessert that tasted heavenly 15 minutes ago might turn into a bland mush once your craving is satisfied. You have to stay mindful to notice it.

Love and Cookie Peace!
Stay tuned for next week’s post on avoiding a holiday burnout!

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