3 Necessary Nutrients To Get Over Sandy Aftermath

If you were watching the news or if you live on the East coast, you know that the past few days have been very rough for many people. Fortunately, most of my friends and clients were not harmed but many of them are left without water, heat, and power.

Emotional Eating, Breathing, and Finding Your Nutrition Intuition

I spent years feeling torn apart by various nutrition theories and scientific studies. Eastern, Western, raw, vegan, high-protein, athletic, high card, high weights, yoga, walking… I kept reading non stop, trying different things out, thinking that if it worked for so many people it should work for me.

Single Tip That You Need For a Healthy Body And a Happy Mind

On Sept 5th, a friend of mine and a wonderful life coach, Caroline Zwick and I hosted a free conference call on mindfulness: Healthy Body, Happy Mind. With over 120 people participating and so many useful tips that we covered, it was an exciting call.